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  1. Calling all the Guys who have fitted a Jetex Air Filter replacement. Got mine today and seeing it’s a quick job I thought fit it. Only to find its TOOO SMAAAALLLL. The one Jetex supply is too small. Rang them today and they said centralize it. No way I said, it’s too small, as in not long enough. So away the chappie went and said Oh yes I'll send you a Rover one.!!!!!!! No thank you. In the end he found a Toyota one 10cm longer. This should fit; try it... so I'll wait for it. So all of you that’s got one, may I suggest you remove it, and measure it to see if it’s the right length. R
  2. Quote; I’m not sure how much longer I'll be in work Are you thinking of retirement then Alan? I'm already Semi retired. I've made the strut brace myself, just got to get round to fitting it... Need to paint it first. It’s a must do... The CHIP. At £500 tooooooo much, even for me. 42" Plasma screen before that. New Motorbike before that too. R
  3. Steve. Paint it yourself. Its not that hard to do. Go to Local motor Factors. Most now mix paint using the Toyota paint code. Get Primer, prepare surface and paint. You can do a second coat to get the hang of it. Let dry and harden overnight. Prepare again using fine wet/dry paper and then top coat. If Metalic wait till nearly dry, then finish off with the Lacquer. Dont get any runs on it. Keep it warm whilst painting, in the garage this time of year is ok. Hope this helps. R
  4. Right Air filter orderd and posted today. Should get Saturday or Monday at latest. Next....... So Alan, Whats the next Mod? Only prob with car, is Its Black, and a hell of a job to keep clean......
  5. Is this all Just the Air Filter Element? Yaris just done 5500 miles. Getting 510 miles to the tank. Refilled today cost £36. Do I need to do anything to the Air Box? R.
  6. Yaris D4d Need to do a mod just to make it go that much smoother. Cannot find the link for the Air filter mod, can you help. Is this the best way forward? Thanks Ray.
  7. After my Daughter had her car serviced by a main dealer she needed to bring some items to their attension. To put you in the picture; 1st. We had filled the screen wash up with additive to the very top of the spout. 2nd When the car came back, I cleaned out the Jets with a bit of wire brush wire. 30 seconds. 3rd Why oil flush a 2 year old car? "Oil System Clean - Yes this is an "oil flush". 4th I lifted the wiper arms and Lubed them as well as the rear wiper.Plus the throttle cable, plus the bonnett higes and other bits and bobs, that I could see. The final bill came to £159, of wich £75 was labour. The brakes still squeak, although they had used £2.50 worth of cleaner. The reply letter was as follows... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firstly let me thank you for your letter dated 3rd August, i have spoken to the technician involved in servicing you vehicle listed below are my conclusions. Screenwash - Yes we did check your washers the technician did put the screenwash in but i seems that he didn't top up the bottle after testing. Superlube - When we use this product we do lubricate all door locks and door hinges, we don't lubricate wiper linkages because on most vehicles the actual linkage is under a plastic scuttle panel therefore to remove this their would be a cost involved, so to try and keep the price competivative we don't not carry out this operation. Oil System Clean - Yes this is an "oil flush". We carry this operation on EVERY vehicle that come in for an oil change no matter what age the vehicle is. The technician did try himself to unblock the washer jets, he did get them working better than when the vehicle came in. So in our opinion the vehicle was safe to drive, he then noted on the Visual Safety Report about replacing the jets (under the vehicle's warranty). With your spare wheel i must apologise, Our Technician did check the spare for damage and pressure but he placed the wheel as he found it, i have spoken to him about this matter because we know that he should of re-fitted the tyre correctly no matter how he found it. I hope the above answers your queries, but please let me offer you a full valet on your next service in my way of an apology for your spare tyre and screenwashers. If there are any other problems please contact me by phone or email. The Dealer is in Devon, She was on holiday here, she lives in Hertfordshire. Why is it, the Dealers again give Sub-standard service, and get away with it???
  8. Hi. Any one got a set of original Toyota Alloy wheels new/used they don't need anymore. R
  9. SERVICING> My exp' has been, that the dealers have very high overheads. There are normally 2 white collar workers to every mechanic. So mechanic has to earn for 3 people. Hence labour costs are overly inflated. What does your Dealer charge??? Here in Devon (north) Mr T its £54.00 per hour. So the 40k service was labour 54 x1.5= 81.00 plus parts and vat. Not done very well either. I'm sorry Mr T this was shoddy. At £54 per hour I expected a lot lot better than this. If you keep to a VAT registered Garage they can do the servicing without affecting your warranty. Come on TOYOTA dealers Pull your socks up. This is just not good enough. You’re only as good as your worst mechanic.
  10. Any one have a set of standard alloys they dont want? For 03 Yaris. R
  11. I use millers diesel Power Plus dieselman. WHY? Unless any one else can come up with a really good reason.. With the modern oils and fuels, I dont think we really need this. When changing your engine oil, use a good brand and a high quality oil. Something like . Comma Eurodeisel. This is a Semi synthetic oil, more than good enough for the engine. Most pour in additives are already in the engine oil, so you dont really need any more. Just change the oil regually. Comma Oils had a help line a while ago. Dont know if its still in opperation. You can always e.mail them, and they will put your mind at rest.
  12. YTS. No probs with a parrell import. As long as it has a UK spec notice with it. My 1.3 CDX is just fine. The insurance cost was the same as a UK dealer supplied car. £145. fully com'. Even told the insurance co, they said that was ok cos it had the UK spec notice sheet. Its pos' that the Alarm may not be fitted as standard. So you might want to have one put in, if you wish to go down that road.. The only other thing, the CDX is not on the black mirror plates as a uk car. So what! In Dec I got another Yaris, this time a D4D T Spirit. UK car from uk dealer. Bulit in France. Actualy cost les than the uk import. So there are still bargins or should I say Good buys out there. Would certainly do it again. Any one whant an 03 (52)plate 1.3CDX 5 door for £8K ?
  13. Ok OK why does the link not work? For me anyway???
  14. What Car? I've been pondering over what car for the last 3 months. Choice of, MX5 Black 1.6 or Toyota Yaris D4D Black 5 Door In the end it was practicability that wone through. Yaris D4D new otr under 10K Tax £85 year Fuel over 60 mpg Insurance £155 F/C. New Yaris arrives to day. From now one my name has changed to Black Turbo. still got the 1.3 Yaris as well
  15. Rayburn


    Hi, any one got any idea what my Yaris is worth? 52 plate. Pre Regd Feb 03 16,000 miles Silver Metalic. All standard, alloys air con s/roof etc. 1 owner, Me. serviced/oil changes ever 5K. Well after a Volvo youve gotta look after this little Toy thing. Ray
  16. Hi kentishbh Not knowing your location/country. Why go for a fully synthetic oil.? You have a 1Ltr Yaris or a Farrari? Go for a semi synthetic like Comma Eurolite 10/40. Comma, also mix and supply oils for VW, Unipart etc, so dont be fooled by big names you will be supprized about oils and "so called big name manufacturers" If you really feel you need to go down the road of Fully Synthetic, ?? Comma Syner-G a 5/40 you just have to check out the prices and compare with Comma to see. But think on Semi Syn' costs much less, you can then change the oil twice. RT
  17. Yes its a T-Sport and I think 1500 is a lot. But I'm told that if I wanted a supercharger or turbo I'd need the ecu remap and kit anyway. Therefore I guess it'd be a stepping stone ... Cheaper still, Sell the Yaris, and buy a MAZDA MX5/EUNOS 1.6 if its speed your after.
  18. [Wish everyone would stop going on about how great they are though Ok OK, Let me know, WHY should I get a Strut brace. Especially since they cost 70-80 quid...... Plus wheres the site for such things. PS Alan you have mail.
  19. Alan, I see you got a set of Yaris floor mats for sale? I was going to get another set from Halfords, the rubbery ones with carpet insets again. Are yours good or better than the Halfords ones. Will they match my new shinny Black D4d. RT Ps ?how much.
  20. [quote=just wanna go topless Im all for that. Any piccs.. Quote.If you want to prove a point, get this 'manly' car click to see a real manly car. ? I do seem to think, that it dont matter what car you drive, theres always a woman in one the same somewhere... I used to have a Volvo 760 turbo estate. Now thats a Mans car! Then I couldn't get my wife out of it!!. Does this then make if a feminine car? No exactly. I also like the MX5. Nearly bought one, but practicality steped in and I just orderd a new YARIS. 1.4D4D in Black. Now thats a Mans car....??? isnt it? I also got a Silver 1.3CDX, thats the Womans car............. Sit back and wait for the flack from them there Females.
  21. Just orderd my new Yaris 1.4 D4D 5 door in Black. Ps, not the r/c model, the real thing. Will now keep my 1.3 silver Yaris company. I will try and put piccy up when its here. RT
  22. Hi Jerry. This is the 1.5 engine? Cost of road tax? Any one whant my Volvo 850 se estate £2150.
  23. Hi Guys, Just been vandalised by some young kid on a bike. Rode straight in the passenger door, broke off the mirror. Then he goes round the back and breaks off the rear wiper..... Some Kids??? Saw him running away from the car pushing his bike, at first didn't think anything of it, till I looked at the car. :ffs: So I need, Nearside door mirror Electric. Rear wiper Arm and Blade. Yaris 03 CDX Looks like a dealer visit.
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