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    After some mindless vandalismn I'm in need of a couple of parts, can any one help, or is it dealer only? N/Side door mirror Rear wiper arm and blade. Thanks Rayburn
  2. I know its not a Toyota, But Its a Motor Bike. Just got my new bike, so my old ones for sale. I need some room in the garage, for my Yaris. So the SUZUKI has got to go. Its a V reg 99 SUZUKI GS500E. 500cc Twin air cooled. In A1 condition. 1 previouse owner. Taxed and Tested to 2004. New tyre, plus fully serviced, by local Dealer. This bike is great fun, for the summer evenings and weekends, fab if you need to commute, very cheap to insure and run. At £1995 ono Call or E.Mail for any other info. 07900 567768 Rayburn
  3. Rayburn

    For Sale

    Summers almost here, park up the Toyota, and get some summer riding in. If not for you, what about your Son? My Suzuki GS500E is now up for sale. A 500cc commuter type motorbike, cheap to run and insure. on a V plate 1999. @ £2200ovno. E-mail for photos and more info...
  4. Re; Oil for D4D turbo Personaly the best I've found without going mad is. Comma, Euro Diesel, Semi Synthetic 15/40 Has spec API CF4. need not go any more expensive, just paying for the name. This oil is also produced by Comma for Unipart, VW and others, only in different bottles. This will do nicely. By the way, does anybody fancy a weeks holiday in MALTA. 5 Star appt' in St, Pauls Bay. Over looking the Bay itself, Self Catering Apt' in Very large Hotel complex. Be quick, this Sat 26th April to Sat 3rd May. E.Mail for info. Must be quick...
  5. Re; Yaris Clunck. Oh yes, the" clunck", get it checked out. Should be no cluncks....
  6. Re; Yaris Noise. The noise you are hearing when pulling away is, the clutch release bearing, inside the bell housing of the gearbox. This bearing is virtually in contact with the clutch all the time. When you put your foot on the clutch pedal you are engaging the clutch release bearing, this sometimes makes that noise. If in normal gear changing you don't hear the noise, this is ok. But if you hear it every time you pull away, then I would suggest you have it replaced, if under garranty.. If not under Garranty,......live with it, till it starts screeming its head off. The rear wiper sounds like its not parking correctly. Same here. If its under garranty, have it replaced.
  7. Cool or what? Love the car in the second pic, in the background GOOD OLD VOLVO.........
  8. Rayburn

    For Sale

    After purchasing my new Toyota, I now have my old car for sale. Its an "M" reg VOLVO 850 SE Estate car. Taxed, & M.O.T 5 speed. Elec, sun-roof, mirrors, frt windows, heated seats, velore upholstery, in ex, con. Its got high mileage, but as all knows, Volvos go on for years. Its a genuine sale, just needed to trade down in size. Its been regualy serviced, mechaniclaly A1. At £2450. ovno. E, Mail for further details if required. At, rtindevon@ntlworld.com
  9. Thank you Bluebox. Toyota dealer says the kit is £65. worth. which includes a wiring loom. Has any one fitted this, and with what results.?
  10. Whats all this talk about SNOW. Can anyone tell me what it is....... My Yaris doesnt slide about, no probs with grip. Drive as fast as the conditions will allow Here in North Devon, we had to scape the sceen twice this year, used the credit card. By the way today was 16c. very sunny
  11. Sorry for the spelling mistake, it was deliberate!!!!did u spot it....... Should be , import.
  12. Yes indeed, go for it. But watch out where you bye it from..... Have you considerd an import? Save £££££ from importer/ super market. Has any others purchased from S/market. Let us know. I am also looking to bye a Corrolla T32ltd. very soon. Just purchased my Yaris from S/m. saved over 2g.
  13. Hi, New member, Rayburn. Great site. You all seem keen, keep up the humor. I have a 1.3CDX 5 door. Can any one help. I want to put rear speakers in my Yorik! Not on the parcel shelf, it looks like that wont even take a parcell! Has any one fitted rear door speakers, or any other place in the rear somewhere???? Thanks Rayburn
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