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  1. Deet

    Prius 12V Battery

    Just a quick note, I only sealed from the Plastic guttering down 2" on both sides of the roof (altho I only had a leak on the battery side) Hope this helps
  2. Deet

    Prius 12V Battery

    Think there is an issue. In the corner of the roof/gutter a small crack forms which allows water in over time. I just got NO NONSENSE ALL-WEATHER SEALANT CLEAR 310ML from Screwfix. It was a easy fix, I will take some photos tonight to show where to do it and I'll try to find the link for the YouTube video explaining how to do it. Video Link is not the best Quality
  3. Bodgit and Leggit did a video/Rant on this yesterday. altho i would not be against this, I think the limiting should be kept to residential areas as it was mentioned that there will be situations were you need to overtake. Like the car in front is doing 50mph in a 60mph zone and you just want to get past (Safely) but you can only go a little bit faster than him and Creep past the car this would be unsafe. My biggest question would be if the cars were limited in residential areas 20/30mph (because that is where the biggest argument for limiting cars would be) are they going to remove/stop putting up speed ramps?
  4. Deet

    Prius 12V Battery

    Cheer's for the help, I got the CTek MXS 5.0 The modes I have are: 1) Small Battery Program 14.4v/0.8a 2) Normal Battery 14.4v/5a (for Wet, Gel and Many AGM Batterys) 3) AGM 14.7v/5a (AGM batterys like Optima and Odyssey) 4) Recond Option (uses mode 2 or 3 then charges 15.8v/1.5a) Just wondering where do you guys connect the maintenance charger whilst the battery is still in the car. I know you connect the Positive to the battery and the Negative to ground but the Ctek Manual just refers you to check the Cars owners manual. Cannot make my mind up whether to connect it up in the boot or in the engine bay at the Jump starting terminal. Many Thanks
  5. Deet

    Prius 12V Battery

    I was under that impression as well however doing a search I am getting results for both AGM and Lead acid. I think i have consused myself as I was under the impression that the original battery was a AGM?
  6. Is my Prius 12v battery a lead acid or AGM battery? My Prius is 13yrs old so im assuming that its not the original battery and due to water around the battery the labels are not that readable. Im putting a Maintenance charger to keep topped up and would like to use the correct mode on the charger. The Part number that I can make out from the top is 28800-YZZCA and the only pichture I can find is:-
  7. Got a 06 Prius T-Spirit the other day and it does not have a reversing camera. If i get a used oem reversing camera is the wiring and connectors there for a easy install or do i have to rewire? Regards Dietmar
  8. Cheers for that, "PLEASE NOTE that this manual is intended for vehicles built to US specifications" quite clear that.
  9. Is there a Uk Spec Prius Haynes Manual for the 2nd Gen Prius? as I got a Manual for my just purchased 06 Gen2, I have noticed that the Haynes Manual is US spec:- Temperature are in °F, Measurements are in Inches, Torque settings are in Ft/Ib not NM, Oil service change interval is stated as 5k not 10k like Toyota recommend and in the book the rear brakes are shown as drums not discs. It is not a major problem but I will be returning it if there is a UK version available, Many thanks
  10. Thank you for the responses, I know autos are not as common as the manuals but for Taxiing I do think its a no brainier(driving around town, constantly slowing down for speed ramps etc). Also no Clutch/Duel Mas flywheels to replace then they go. Would I be correct that you need to a Drain and Fill or Trans flush every 30/50K?
  11. Doing some research on new cars, Looking at a Avensis T270 which I will use as a Taxi. Will be getting a 1.8 or 2.0 ltr petrol which I am not aware of any issues (please let me know if im wrong) but I would like a Auto box and wondering if there are any issues/problems. Many Thanks
  12. My apologises for not responding must have had notifications off. When i was doing my research I had come to the same conclusion that the Pinch Bolt needing tightened was the issue.
  13. Hi all, been doing a lot of research in preparation of buying a Prius 3rd gen of any common faults that I need to look out for. looking a 09/10 Over the last few weeks I have been checking MOT History on various cars I have noticed a few failing on excessive play in steering wheel/rack. They are not high mileages (60-70ish) but one i was checking today failed with 42k miles. Is there an issue with the 3rd Gen Prius steering rack? and is it easily fixed? Many Thanks Dietmar
  14. Just popped in to say Hello, Currently an owner of a Lexus GS300 2nd Gen and will be changing to a Prius 3rd Gen in the next few weeks or so.