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  1. Scottydog007

    Poor mpg ?

    For my RAV4 hybrid 2019, in this winter period I am getting a constant 37.5 mpg. This is for both motorway and town driving (50:50). On refueling the gauge resets and I check the figure constantly and I seem to get the same mgp plus or minus 0.2 mpg. Now in the summer in the warm weather I will expect this figure to improve to 45 - 48 mpg. I bought the car when the weather was nice and this is what I was getting. For a large car and for the generally heavy fast driving I do, I consider this reasonable for a big vehicle.
  2. I had the Rav4 Hybrid 2018 and now have the 2019. The Rav4 2018 was one of the best quietest cars out there. It was better that the Freelander I had before. The 2019 is slightly more noisy but still very good. The 2019 is a lot bigger and more refined in side it was my wife and daughter that convinced me to buy it. Also as it was a newer engine the fuel consumption was improved by a lot. Like others have said, try and test drive one and if you can consider going for the 2019 not the 2018 as there is a big improvement. Saying that the 2018 is still a good car.
  3. Can not be done! Loads of posts previous are showing irritation on this. Plus If you want the radio on when you start it defaults to showing satnav. This cannot be changed either. When using the satnav I always do 2 things, I make it north direction, and I make the zoom larger.
  4. Does anyone know where I can source a light bulb travel kit for Rav4 2019? needed for European driving, but generally good practice to have any way. I have seen something on eBay which goes up to 2018. Is there a different between 2018 & 2019 lights? Worse case I guess I can make a kit up myself.
  5. Don't forget that when you got the sun roof, Toyota would not put in a spare tyre, you just got the gunk kit, (probably due to going above weight/emotions spec on a new car leaving show room) . I was told I could come back and ask for a spare but could not have it before hand.
  6. It bugs me that the satnav map shows when you turn the car on. I want it off and only switch it on when needed. The first thing I have to do before driving off is touch the screen and send it to radio display.
  7. I noticed this as well, but like anything you adapt and get it to work for you. On the plus side it does mean you are less likely to use too much force and slam the car door. I will have to ask my wife about this. She has not complained so far.
  8. On Mondays I drive from London to South Wales along the M4 and I am on the road for 4am so the traffic is very light and drive for 2.5 hours. I put the car in cruise control but not radar controlled to other vehicles, and I have 'lane keep assist' defaulted to switched off all the time, I am driving faster than the average person. In a straight road with no camber if I let go of the steering wheel it does always slightly go to the left, but not massively hence I can live with it. I definitely feel slight stain to wrist but have found a way of changing positions to hold the steering wheel. One thing I have not done is to look at the tyres to see if there is tracking wear. Possibly on 7000 miles not much will be shown. Saying all this I love the car. If I get it solved I'll give feedback here.
  9. My Rav4 Hybrid 2019 has about 7000 miles now, but from day one of having it, the steering felt like it was tracking to the left just slightly. But I lived with it. Now at the weekend I took my wife's tyre to have a puncture fixed to my tyre centre. Now I have been dealing with this place for years and years and they have been great with all the 4x4's I have had. They were one of the only places in the area having a fully sophisticated alignment machine. So I asked them to look at my tracking, they said they could not as the car has the auto lane steering control. If and when the steering is adjusted many sensors have to be re-calibrated and they did not have the ability to do this and they said very few places can. And those that can charge in excess of £500. My question is, is this correct, have others had their wheels aligned? I can wait until I do the 10,000 miles and get the car serviced and ask my dealer this question. When driving I notice my hands get a twist load anti-clockwise which starts giving a stain to the wrist. Somehow I find a driving position that reduces this load and I forget about the issue. Now over Christmas I did not use the car much, but once back at work I instantly noticed the strain, I adjusted my hold on the steering wheel and I am fine.
  10. Out of interest for rare issues like this, surely the AA cover would look after this the car is 3 months old. Can standard jump leads be used? Is there easy access to the battery terminals?
  11. Some years ago, some smart ***** suggested different tyres to the standard Bridgestone on my Honda CRV 4x4. I had wheels aligned and balanced, but the car had terrible vibration when tyres were on the front. When on the rear they were ok. Tyre profile if very important, and often the car characteristics are designed for one manufacturers tyre. I have now learned, certainly on 4x4's to get the original manufacturers tyres. Alas My RAV4 2019 has Dunlop and I absolutely hate Dunlop. They do not come anywhere near to giving the handling of Bridgestone's that I had on CRV and Freelander. My Freelander had 'mud & snow' Bridgestones and they were fantastic for normal everyday driving even at high speed, and were superb in mud and snow. I have a feeling these RAV4 2019 Dunlops will be disappointing when we get on snow, ice and mud, and leaves etc.
  12. In eBay search using RAV4 2019 Armrest Tray, there are loads of the blighters, red, blue, white, green. ....... hold on not green, I lied.
  13. With all the uncertainty of what the direction will eventually go, 'Full Electric' or 'Hybrid' or 'Chargeable Hybrid' , I feel car companies are asking too much of their customers to choose one direction. Wouldn't be nice if the 2019 Hybrid could be easily modified into a 2020 chargeable hybrid? Though not a chance of happening. I always loved diesel cars for many reasons and I'm disgusted how governments jumped on diesel-gate to rubbish diesel cars for good. I work closely with car manufacturers, these manufacturers had good answers for cleaning diesel engines to give good emissions, but these ideas will probably only go into lorries. Or may be not as I worked on a battery project to turn lorries into electric, which looked as though this was going to be a winner. I suppose we can thank diesel-gate for forcing hybrid and electric to be taken seriously. I better not mention Hydrogen!
  14. I just wished there was an option to have the satnav not showing when the car is first started, just a distraction for me. The first thing I do after starting the car is switch to 'radio stations view'
  15. I added an LED lamp in armrest compartment. It is very cheap and easy to do.