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  1. From the BBC News There has been a huge increase in theft of catalytic converters, especially from hybrid vehicles and Toyota. 2094 thefts in 2019 so far, almost doubling that of 2018. Hybrids are the best choice because the catalytic converter is used less so the rare metals are less contaminated. Seems Toyota are so concerned they are looking at something called Catlock. I will contact my dealer today to find out more because I live in a area where this is happening a lot and my driveway is secluded. If I get any new information I will add it here.
  2. Heated steering wheel. But I guess you knew that. I am now looking to have a tow bar fitted. Toyota quoted £700 for fixed low cost one. I was expecting less as they do not have to add wiring as it is already there. For the Rav4 2018 version they put it on for £450 which I know was very cheap, £700 is a big jump.
  3. As I said earlier. My dealer said there was not a space-saver in the brochure for a 2019 he then recommended the 2018 version. In the end sauced a second hand full size. I looked at the handbook for both 2018 and 2019 models at the back of the handbook there is a section on tyres, stating sizes There is a different for normal tyres for 2018 and 2019, but both sections state a space-saver and they are identical in size. Some cars with 18" wheels are supplied with a 17" space-saver. My 2018 had this. My 2019 had nothing because of moon/sun roof. Do not forget you need to sauce a jack and tool kit having the correct rating. Toyota wanted £94 just for the jack, but I saw an identical one on eBay for £40. Oh and also you will need the screw fixing, clamping the wheel in the boot.
  4. For people who have ordered a new Rav4, be aware your dealer will need to set this 'windows open and closed' with pressing button on key fob. Possibly does moon roof as well if you wish to have this. I had this on my old Land Rover Freelander and used it all the time. So I now have to go back and visit service department or wait for my next service in 10,000 miles time which is a bit annoying. It became handy in hot weather but also after turning car off walking away and seeing my daughter had left her window open. On the Land Rover if I remember right I could program the key fob myself, but for the Rav4 the dealer has to do it.
  5. I have not checked my Touch 2 Plus since getting my Rav4 but it seems to work well, voice control is good for making calls etc. But something I did, I was sent an app from my dealer 'MyToyota' before I got the car. Registered with this MyToyota. Eventually I got my car and added the car VIN number to this MyToyota app. The app then told me all about my car, gave handbooks etc. I then went into the car and started the wifi and registered to MyToyota added email. and password. Now something changed, I got load more DAB radio stations, so I assume this loaded up the latest drivers. Now last year I got the Rav4 2018 and there was instruction for doing this in all the paperwork given to me. But for the Rav4 2019 I have not seen this instruction anywhere.
  6. If it is a 'credit card size' slot may be I'll keep my RAC membership card here. I wanted to put a smiling emoji here but can't.
  7. Below the row of switches is a recessed area, strangely very small, if someone figures out what it is for or what it does please tell me. I cannot find any reference to it in handbook and I cannot figure it out. It is almost like a place for putting a car park ticket, it is credit card size. Also if anyone knows what advantage there is for going on to Entune and registering your self to Mytoyota please tell me. Are there Apps I should be downloading? One slight irritation for me is when I start the car the central display shows 3 views, the large view is the satnav. It seems you can customise the other 2 small views but not the large view. So every time I start I get the satnav, and this distracts me. Is there anyway to turn that off to stop it automatically loading up satnav, or switch it to another view like a large clock? So at the moment after turning on the car I get rid of the satnav by going to media/music.
  8. 2019 tyres are 225/60R18 100H 2018 tyres are 235/55R18 100H rotating dial mode, eco, normal and sport. rotate dial anti-clockwise - eco, clockwise - sport, push it in to go back to normal. Drivers dash changes colour with mode in the speedo are. green, white and red And you can change any time. .
  9. I love it. Now I had the Rav4 2018 and after 6 months I asked if I could change it. I loved the 2018 as well and see it as a great car, but when I bought it in for 10,000 mile service the dealer had a 2019 2WD as a demonstrator, my wife and daughter came with me, and they were the main one’s to get me to change. So I put an order in that day. Seems I was the first person in my area to get it, so the sales person told me. Higher up I do a comparison between the 2, but what I will add is the full economy is far better. I have no idea what the book says or even care as all manufacturers lie through their teeth. But running around town I’m getting 43mpg and even on motorways I get 42’s and my cruising speed is very high, so for a 4x4 that is very good. This car is a real winner. I haven’t really opened it up and pushed the acceleration until today. I note other 4x4’s see me and are curious of this car so they try and push me quite hard. In one instance I moved over to let them go past but I accelerated up a hill against a Quashqi and he was struggling while I was hardly trying. I put my foot down and gee, the car kicked, I put my foot down again and it kicked again, I was really motoring and the Quashqi gave up. It is definitely faster than previous year. I was in sport mode. Later again up hill I let an Audi Q something shoot past me, he was really moving and normally the Audi Q’s have a very powerful engine, in this case I pulled out behind and was surprised how quick I caught up with him. This time I was in ordinary mode. These were tests and generally I do not do this kind of driving. Driving casually or relaxed and the car feels great, really smooth and effortless. Nice. For the 2018 I would often put it into sport mode, but I notice I hardly ever use sport mode for the 2019 as it gives me all the power I need. Tomorrow, Monday I will be shooting off to South Wales at 3:30 in the morning coming from London. I’ll put it in cruise control, turn on the great music system and it will be a great journey, I’m looking forward to it. One other thing the 2018 model was super quiet in side, there were not many other cars on the road as quiet. Now when I got into the 2019 I thought the sound was louder, different. But now I find it quiet, so may be I have got condition to liking the sound.
  10. So I got the Excel ‘Silver Blade’ with standards wheels and standard black leather, plus protection pack (scuff plates, rubber floor mats, mug flaps, rear bumper protection plate and boot liner. Panoramic roof, JBL prem sound system, pan view monitor. I paid extra to have special paint protection coating. I do not know if this is normal but dealer gave lovely ‘Hybrid mats’ but my floor will get dirty so they are covered by the best rubber mats I have seen in a car. Generally I had no idea what the car was going to look like until I got it. I love the black trim at window level on the rear quarter that enhances the tinted windows. I will saw I like it more than I was expecting.
  11. For my Rav4 2019 I had the side door protectors added for around £120. I did this on my previous model the 2018 as well, and I think they look nice and very practical. But I have never seen any other 2018’s or 2019’s with these on. Do people dislike them? Do people think they look weird on 2019 being non symmetrical with recessed profiles?
  12. Hello Gavioliuk I had the Rav4 2018 for 11 months and like you I had a Landrover Freelander. I loved that Freelander. When I changed to the Rav4 I had one or 2 frustrations, one being the air conditioning control. It took me ages to figure it out. I would set the temperature and put it on auto, the car would be freezing, so I would change the fan speed (takes it off auto) and then I would get good control. The next day I would get in the car and everything seemed to be wrong. I then learnt that for me I would put the car in auto at the temperature I wanted, but would adjust the fan speed, and I would tend to do this for every journey. And I could live with that. Now I have the 2019 model and the temperature controls seem similar to my old Freelander. I set the temperature put on auto and simply forget about it. Then on after, when I got in the car everything is fine I hardly have to play around other that putting on de-misters.
  13. I have an irritating issue that was on Rav4 2018 and now on 2019. I park the car up, get out and go to the rear passenger seat to get my work bag for find this rear door locked. I then have to go to the remote and open it. Man this annoys me. Second to this and may be connected. I have child locks switched off, but when I park up, turn the engine off, my rear passengers can not get out until I open my door. My daughter has figured that she can push a lock button forward then open the door normally, but you would expect this to be straight forward just opening the normal handle. I have not found info on changing this in the manual. Is there a setting to change on key fob or via the dash?
  14. So now have my Rav4 2019 but when choosing options I was told by the sales person I could not have a spare wheel as I had the foam kit. They were trying to sell the idea 'don't worry you will have a lot of area for storage'. They kept stating I could not have a spare wheel. I kind of got angry and said they were talking rubbish, then the senior sales manager was called and he basically told me it was because of CO2 emissions. He would not discuss it any more. Basically he was telling me I could order a spare later but after the car had left the dealership. Sounds crazy but I think this car is being sold as a stated package for a stated weight limit that abides to the emissions regulations. I will guess that adding a roof rack and tow bar are seen as accessories and so not included in this weight/emission calculation, but a spare tyre is not seen as an accessory. Even after taking the car away and a few days, later I phoned service/parts department, I was told I could not have a spare wheel. I was even told it would be too dangerous to my passengers having a spare wheel until I told them there was already a compartment for one and they were already selling the sunroofless model with a space-saver. Then they told me there was not a space-saver in the catalogue for this model. I told them I would source a wheel else where and I will be putting in a full size wheel. The senior service technician then told me a full size tyre would not fit. I disagreed, bought one else where and it goes in a treat, and the boot cover fits fine on it. I sourced a jack and tool kit as well not from the dealer. What I need now is the screw arrangement for holding the wheel down which I assume I can buy easy enough. This car is definitely on the emissions limit for a stated package.
  15. Thank you for passing this information on and sorry to hear of your issues. I does show how now days windscreens and accessories associated to them make them complex assemblies. I got a large chip on the passenger side of my Rav4 2018. When I looked closer I could see it was an insect that caused this, I was very surprised how easily it cracked compared to other cars I have owned. Luckily the 'bullet' like chip did not travel and I drove with it for 3 months part exchanging it 2 weeks ago for RAV4 2019. The garage did not seem to care about it. One thing I did do though, the Toyota garage gave me a 3 day insurance cover with Toyota Insurance for my new Rav4, I then got a quote for the year and it was cheaper than all my other quotes by £100. But it was a better insurance as they stated that the car will always be repaired by Toyota using Toyota parts, where as in the past I had awful repairs done by garages I was directed to by insurance companies.