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  1. Sorry I have just seen this 2 months later. My dealer is in Saint Albans. The system works fine.
  2. I was negative to my dealer but seems they have installed it. They said mine was the 2nd they have done and the first successfully. They told me it took 3 hours, though I do not know whether to believe that. I now need to start using it. I assume there is still no WiFi connection and you have to plug into the car?
  3. My 2019 RAV4 has gone in for its service today and I asked them to put this on.They told me A price of £50, which seems good. But the service engineer told me this morning they might have trouble doing this. They tried doing the first install on a car earlier this week and it never worked. I have to say they seem to be constantly negative to everything. I have had loads of trouble with them so if they do not get this installed I will take my service elsewhere.
  4. So I put used Go Compare and they came back with £500 for LV, RAC and some others. Toyota was coming out at £783 and when I phoned them went down to £730. Now in the past I used LV and 6 years ago had an accident in my Landrover. LV were generally fantastic to deal with but the one negative side was they sent me to an unknown garage not a Landrover place and the work was atrocious. It had to come back and be redone. Plus I got a !Removed! hate car. Toyota at least state they will send you to a Toyota garage and have Toyota parts put on. Now I have been with RAC and had nice serv
  5. I have just come back to this post, I originally posted it. My RAV4 still pulls to the left. Nothing to do with road camber, and I have not hit anything. I do loads of driving and had many cars so have loads of experience. I can live with this, as Toyota will not acknowledge there is an issue. It is there all the time but I adapt and forget about it. Every now and again I am reminded of it. My car has only done 20,000 miles so yet to change the tyres. The car has Dunlop and I absolutely hate Dunlop so will be interesting if there is any change if I go to another tyre make.
  6. How do people feel about Toyota’s own car insurance? Has anyone had to make a claim? Now I have this insurance which is due to run out next week. I have checked others for quotes and get over £280 less with RAC, LV and others. That is massive. I just phoned Toyota and they reduced this by £40. First annoyance I have is the customer services phone number at the top of the renewal notice is an unobtainable number, I had to google to find the correct number.
  7. The owners manual states that the dealer can set the keyfob so when keeping the finger on open, then all the windows open, and visa-versa. It states you need to ask your dealer to do this. Have many owners done this? My dealer told me this was only on USA RAV4’s and was not interested in looking into it for me. Now with the hot weather we had I really missed this feature, I had it on my Landrover and found it very handy. If it can be done and my dealer is not interested in sorting this out for me, then I will find another place to service my car that is willing to do this.
  8. I assume you are aware of locking your car by just touching a finger on the door handle. So simple. l believe the car is self locking because often mine locks automatically. In fact if I open the car using the keyfob while walking to the car but get distracted before I get in, often the car remotely locks. The car will not lock if keyfob is left inside the car. I found this out as on one occasion I went to lock it and the car refused and then I found my wife’s handbag in the car with the spare keyfob inside.
  9. I had a Honda CRV that I bought from a garage, it was 6 months old. After a month of driving it I wanted to see how low I could get the fuel tank before needing to refill. The computer said 0 and I did another 30 miles in it but the needle was still off zero position. I got home fine and filled up with diesel. Next morning it went into limp mode. I had AA cover so the guy told me there were no diagnostic messages at all but he assumed the car realised fuel had been low and went into protection mode to protect the turbo. He said he did a reset and it worked fine and never did this again in
  10. Does anyone know the Thule code for over hanging bars. I thought I had roof bars and foot mounts that fitted my Rav4 2019, but yesterday I tried installing them and alas they do not fit. When I look at Halfords website and put in my reg, nothing is shown. I cannot use Toyotas roof bars as they do not over hang. I carry kayaks and a canoe and the straps need this over-hang. Often I have 4 kayaks on the roof and the Toyota rack is too narrow. Can anyone help please.
  11. For my RAV4 hybrid 2019, in this winter period I am getting a constant 37.5 mpg. This is for both motorway and town driving (50:50). On refueling the gauge resets and I check the figure constantly and I seem to get the same mgp plus or minus 0.2 mpg. Now in the summer in the warm weather I will expect this figure to improve to 45 - 48 mpg. I bought the car when the weather was nice and this is what I was getting. For a large car and for the generally heavy fast driving I do, I consider this reasonable for a big vehicle.
  12. I had the Rav4 Hybrid 2018 and now have the 2019. The Rav4 2018 was one of the best quietest cars out there. It was better that the Freelander I had before. The 2019 is slightly more noisy but still very good. The 2019 is a lot bigger and more refined in side it was my wife and daughter that convinced me to buy it. Also as it was a newer engine the fuel consumption was improved by a lot. Like others have said, try and test drive one and if you can consider going for the 2019 not the 2018 as there is a big improvement. Saying that the 2018 is still a good car.
  13. Can not be done! Loads of posts previous are showing irritation on this. Plus If you want the radio on when you start it defaults to showing satnav. This cannot be changed either. When using the satnav I always do 2 things, I make it north direction, and I make the zoom larger.
  14. Does anyone know where I can source a light bulb travel kit for Rav4 2019? needed for European driving, but generally good practice to have any way. I have seen something on eBay which goes up to 2018. Is there a different between 2018 & 2019 lights? Worse case I guess I can make a kit up myself.
  15. Don't forget that when you got the sun roof, Toyota would not put in a spare tyre, you just got the gunk kit, (probably due to going above weight/emotions spec on a new car leaving show room) . I was told I could come back and ask for a spare but could not have it before hand.
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