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  1. This waking up of the keyfob worried me so much I bought a small safe that is kept near the front door. My keyfob goes in there every time I arrive home. The metal safe acts like a faraday cage and stops electrical signals getting to the keyfob I do not fully lock the door but leave it very closed. There are small purses that also do the same thing where the keyfob is always kept in the purse, the irritating thing with these is you need to take the fob out when to go to the car. My other worry is keeping a coat with house keys close to the front door, or leaving keys on the bottom of the stairs, since there are people that can reach these with a fishing rod. This last one happened to a friend at work while he was sleeping, and when he watch on a neighbours cctv camera these guys were the biggest characters you do not want to meet. They opened his front door and went straight to the car keys. They only wanted the car. The car was never found, police said it would be in a metal container and shipped out of the UK in under a day. And again I assume no tracker with work if the car is in a metal container due to the faraday cage principle.
  2. I cannot seem to get the link to this, but you may find it under the title - Car Seat Gap Catcher Storage Box Organizer Coin Console Side Pocket tomorrow I’ll add a photo of it in position in my car. Cheers.
  3. Because I now have the sunroof I lost the sunglasses storage that the 2018 model had. So I found this on eBay for £4.77 I cut the bottom extension off, put Velcro pads on and it fits perfectly behind the Touch2 screen. Perfect height and length and it doesn’t look bad. I only used one of them. bad.e
  4. It does surprise me how some manufacturers seem to design from scratch and not take good points from a previous design. My wife had 2 second hand Astra’s which we both loved. I then bought her the top of the range new Astra and it was rubbish, we hated it. The gearbox was junk, they had made it bigger etc. Sadly I could not test drive it as it was a new design, and we were one of the few to receive it first in the country. I’m a design engineer and work for many companies. I am amazed how some companies do not allow access to previous history. Hewlett Packard printers is a good example. We had no access to other machines so was to design from scratch, we were told plenty of time had been allowed for this. We engineers used to go around the rubbish bins finding old printers and study them and copy ideas.
  5. When I do a google it seems PW456- is definite for a Toyota and Lexus. But then there are too many variants for all the vehicles which I find strange. When I have been asked to design things for many platforms I am asked to make them common across all, seems Toyota did not do this with wheel nuts. I cannot find any information for PW456-00002 but for PW456-00003 I find these are used for RAV4 2016. - 2012. I personally would feel uncomfortable putting these on considering safety issues. Fasteners are designed to stretch which puts a pre-load on, and so takes a certain amount of friction and torque to undo them. If you do use them why not put a pen mark on them so you can check periodically if they are moving. if you can send them back, I would do this myself.
  6. I guess I would study the seating area of the locking nut and see if it matches that of standard nuts. If not, I definitely would question this. I hope you resolve this.
  7. My 2018 RAV4 was worse. In the dark I would turn off engine and open drivers door to find passengers could not get out their doors. I would then have to faf around looking for switch to open all doors. They 2019 seems to default to this as well, but at least you can change this setting via MyT app that allows remote change of settings like door opening, interior lights stay on time etc. I drive a lot in the dark so I do not like to see my car looking like a Christmas tree inside. But 2019 has made a great improvement on my 2018. Switches before had no lights at all, were too far way, or too small or hidden in a recess. Yesterday in the dark, I needed to open side windows to remove water droplets using the rubber window seals. When I looked for the switches there was a faint light directing me. Nice. Incidentally the 2018 the window seals never touched the glass so never cleared the windows. There has been a big improvement for the 2019, auto folding mirrors now exists. It seems Toyota does listen to the owners and action much of irritating issues.
  8. Recall history Seems it was the Prius that had the massive at least 1.1 million cars recall, which at the time I believe was forced on Toyota. But there again Toyota are no worse than other manufacturers. VW Audi had a mega fine from the EU for not implementing recalls but passing the cost as ware and tear to the owner. I had a Audi that cost £600 each front suspension on a 1year old car that was not covered by warranty that later was forced to be a recall. Incidentally when the EU fine car companies many millions, what happens to this money? Why does it not come back to the owners?
  9. Probably only because they got their fingers burnt for being forced to recall brake issues on the RAV4 a number of years ago.
  10. I would suggest you download the MyT app to your phone, login to it add your VIN details. This should give you the ability to see details for your car. Once registered you then go into your car setup your mobile for Bluetooth. Then in the Touch 2 menu somewhere you can register MyT app. From then on your mobile should talk to the car. Now my app allows me to change settings for the car, like 'all doors unlock', how long interior light stays on for, etc etc. There is also the option to send the latest Touch 2 software to your car. So I can do some adjustments on the mobile, and I assume when I next start the car, the mobile and Touch 2 synchronise with each other. It could be you need the latest software for your Touch 2. I hope you get it solved.
  11. Don't be too negative for having a RAV4 Hybrid. I hated the things initially but eventually bought the 2018. It took me ages to start liking it. I then changed it for the 2019. And wow this is a real winner. I cruse on the motorway at high speed, easily matching the Land Rover Discovery Sports and Evoques and in this cold weather I'm getting 40mpg, which for a 4x4 is very good. This hybrid easily matches the performance of my Land Rover Freelander and Honda CRV and feels like it has more torque. So on hills and mud it is very good. My wife has the Mini Cooper manual gearbox. I hate having reverse next to first, it only takes a little more pressure while waiting at the lights to easily go into reverse. The 5 gear has always from new needed to go to neutral before going straight into 5th. The indicator is too sensitive, it stays on too long so when I cancel it goes to the opposite direction. My friend owns a garage and the Minis before 2009 always had to have a engine valve rebuild due to bad design, which is now fixed. When in his garage he had minis having low mileage that needed engine rebuilds. If I new of al this before I would have stopped my wife buying a mini.
  12. I have no idea if this works, but I guess if this happened to me I guess I would look at the sensors, so the cameras and give them a wipe, thinking that may be they are dirty and catching water droplets that are seen by the sensors.
  13. I have tried mine and like it, normally in the real cold weather I put on driving gloves but I am hoping I do not have to do this anymore. Many years ago I had a BMW motorcycle with steel heated handlebars, then later bought a new top of the range BMW motorbike to find they had changed the handle bars to aluminium, so all the head was conducted into the handlebars and not to the hands. How on earth could they get their design so wrong. That sickened me. I now hate BMW motorbikes.
  14. I’ve been working in cold South Wales most of the week then home to north west London. The weather has really been cold and my RAV4 2019 is giving a reading of 41mpg, which I think is great. I leave the AC on auto at 20C, I often use the heated seats for a short time. I had the 2018 RAV4 this time last year and I got 33mpg for the same conditions.
  15. I stopped rotating tyres a long time ago after having a car that had handed tyres. The tread was different one side to the other, and there was a arrow showing rotation. This didn’t stop Quickfit putting 3 left-handed tyres on and one right-handed. What I found is the front most often wear out quicker, and wear out together. Or they should do if you do not have tracking issues. So when the front wear out I some times ask my tyre centre (not Quickfit) to move rear tyres to the front and put new tyres on the rear, or I ask for their suggestion. I had a Honda CRV which I did 250,000 miles from new so changed the tyres quite a few times. I had issues with tracking on the CRV and Honda never solved this, so I lived with it so a year. I then found a tyre centre that was brilliant. They offered different tracking adjustments, and they told me Honda did not have this equipment so often they would send the Honda cars there. The CRV needed more adjustment than conventional cars, the tracking cost £90 but I was given a computer read out of before and after changes, the problem was solved. I try not to throw my RAV4 hard into corners so I guess I reduce wearing out the tyres. I tend to break coming into a corner go around a bit slower then power out. I suppose this goes against helping to charge the battery.