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  1. Has anybody found a solution to this I have the same problem with my 2002 t sport Corolla changed the lambada sensor genuine Toyota sensor and the correct one..... I’ve watched some videos one saying it most likely would be from 3 things. 1 bad e.c.t sensor 2 the earth connection maybe loose or is corroded causing bad connection( I was hoping someone could tell me where I can find this connection) 3 faulty lambada I wouldn’t mind living with the engine management light on but on the t sport the vcs light comes on and the traction control switches off and won’t turn on
  2. Just looking for general advice on what I can do for my corolla t sport. I’d like to sharpen the steering I’m going to install a set of coilovers and don’t cheap out on tyres what else can help me in the corners and what can I do to add bhp sensibly that’s not going to end up ecking the engine ....I’m going to go to stainless creations to Upgrade the exhaust, as well as I can to uk road legal standards. Thanks
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