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  1. Happy Birthday jay dh!

  2. the lovely smooth british roads are enough to make the shocks go. i had one go on a car and they suggested that both should be done, but i only replaced the one that broke and the car was fine
  3. if guys are trying to attract girls its fine, i think its unisex
  4. there are no real faults with the mk1 or mk2 yaris so you have faith that if anything did go wrong, its likely to be very minor. the mk2 is a bit bigger, couple more features etc (the usual), the older one is just as good and is a little faster. i dont know what bhp the mk2 SR is but as its heavier it should have more power, if not, it will be sluggish and therefore return less MPG. something to keep in mind
  5. turn off the printer and then try cancelling it
  6. sorry but that name deserves its own post
  7. welcome, nice motor, ridding very low the only thing i would say to do extra which is a small thing, is to get a clear rear fog light cover (and red bulb)
  8. i like it generally, i agree it needs nicer wheel but the black is fine. does need the spoiler too
  9. it doesnt matter how many bars, as long as its under 800rpm. mine happens without A/C, A/C takes some power away from the engine which is poss why yours is doing it then, nothing to worry about
  10. i dont think its anything to worry about, mine does this probably half the time. if it does worry you, i think you can take it to toyota or another garage and they can raise the idle rpm
  11. i dont know how easy it is, but the controls go to the right of the steering wheel on the dash
  12. good to hear your ok, must have been a slow blowout for there time for others to tell u its happened
  13. cant see that happening, its just a movie in between episodes like south park. im not holding out much for the movie, i love the simpsons but its a 22minute feature, im unsure how it will work for a film
  14. i wouldnt spend £50 on one, max £25, the bottom one looks smart
  15. it would be better to go to a local car audio store and buy the stuff from them, it will be cheaper and better quality.
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