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  1. Just an update - After another spin on the motorway at 4000rpm in third gear for about 40 miles all fault lights cleared and no problems in this last week.I used about 15ml of Dipethane per 10 euro of fuel - Diesel here is around 1.40euro per liter. Next service I will get EGR valve cleaned also. Main thing is if you get the faults showing that I did Don't Panic.Try the above first before even considering it's your EPB. Ultimately cost me 30 euro for a diagnostic and 10 euro for liter of Dipethane instead of 1500+ for new EPB. Still annoyed that 'Check Parking Brake' displays for these issues -there has to be people out there paying a lot of money for unnecessary EPB replacements by dodgy mechanics. Thanks all for your advice and time. Remember - CAVEAT EMPTOR and DO NOT PANIC :) Sean
  2. So my mechanic told me it's either an EGR or DPF problem. He cleared the faults but they all came back on two mins later.So I put dipethane into it and Drove it at 4000 rpm for an hour on the motorway.Lights still on but that's just a re-set issue.I reckon it's the EGR that needs a cleaning. He'll clear it again after some hard driving over the weekend,and we'll take it from there. At least it's very unlikely that it's the EPB.Still shocking to see that this message comes up (Check parking brake) when it's an unrelated issue.I'm sure many people have paid for a new EPB when all they needed was a burn out/re-gen of their DPF , or a cleaning of their EGR or possibly a new caliper or something. Not good from Toyota -not good at all.There's a huge price,and personal stress,difference between the above and a new EPB - and too many dodgy dealers willing to rip off people who are clueless. Anyway....I'm slightly relieved and ultimately it's a first world problem. :) Anyone out there know if cleaning the EGR is a big/costly job? .I've heard of people doing it themselves.
  3. Yes you're probably right.That's what i've been told. Ah well - you can't have it all.Where would you put it :)
  4. Tried that. It has a 5 year warranty from Toyota.I rang the dealership in Ayr,where I bought it last year and the head of servicing etc. reckoned because it is now technically an Irish car the warranty won't extend that extra two years over the normal Toyota 3 year warranty. You would think that the warranty was a Europe wide one wouldn't you but apparently Toyota only do a 3 year Europe wide warranty and the 5 year one my car has only applies to the UK. Having said that that is just his opinion on it.I haven't actually rang any dealers in N.Ireland to check.I'll wait to see what the issue actually is first and if it's a major fix then i'll ring a dealer in N. Ireland and see.It's only a two hour drive from Dublin too!.The other point he made was that there was never a re-call (or whatever that secret notice is they put out to dealers) put out on the EPB. I'm at the mercy of the Gods - say a prayer for me :) Maybe it isn't a big job.I won't know until tomorrow.Keep you posted.Thanks Scott
  5. I know Scott - just venting. Toyota Ireland are rip-off merchants.They deliberately import versions of newly released models without extras which come as standard in UK so that they can charge extra for things like air con or leather seats or cruise control etc.And they charge a LOT for anything extra.Lots of people are importing used models from the UK because of all the extras they get.My Avensis is the business edition with all the frills - a 2014.In 2014 this version of the Avensis couldn't be bought new here. All the dealers are the same.I had a major problem with my previous car which was a diesel accord.It was to do with the whole fuel injection system.It was a 2004 and Hondas first diesel engine.Anyway Honda put out a notice to all their dealers in Europe to extend the warranty and fix it for free.Honda Ireland denied this even though I gave them the number and details on it.The Honda dealer quoted me 2600 euro to fix it initially.I told him I'd get in touch with Honda Ireland to complain and take legal action.Then they backed down and said ok that they would pay for the parts but I would pay for the labour - 900 euro!!.I rang a Honda dealer in Newry N.ireland,told him my issue and he fixed it for free only charging me 70 pounds for oil.That's the kind of main dealer culture we are dealing with over here. Yes I know if the Avensis was still registered in UK it would be covered - but of course Toyota Ireland won't.It's very annoying.A regular service - just oil and filters etc here in a Toyota main dealer here is minimum 450 euro.I can buy the parts and oil for 90.My mechanic does the service and charges 150 - go figure.Toyota charge about 70 euro an hour for labour and say it takes 4 hours to do the service.4 hours to change the oil and a couple of filters - I don't think so. Anyway.....It's just a rant :) It is what it is.You guys seem to have a much better dealership attitude in the UK.Over here nobody uses the main dealers for services - unless it's a business or something.
  6. So my mechanic can't look at this until tomorrow but guess what happened on the drive to him!! The Shift Up/Shift down green arrow that appears on the dash,as an advisory to optimize fuel performance, when you are going up and down the gears has now disappeared from the display. My car has gone insane. But the ironic thing is that it's driving and sounding fine (apart from a vague lag in power overall in the low gears).I'll know more tomorrow when I run a diagnostic with my mechanic. In the meantime i'm not driving it - It'll probably turn into a Tardis next and warp itself to a parallel universe.F****ing stupid electronics that are not necessary.What exactly is wrong with an ordinary manual handbrake? Nothing-that's what. Idiots.Ruining a perfectly good car with their meddling. DEAR TOYOTA,NOBODY WANTS OR NEEDS YOUR STUPID EPB. Sorry... Rant over.
  7. Thanks Konrad - and everyone else. I'll bring it to my mechanic , who did the brakes last month, and see what his diagnostic says and also see what the problem is with the rear calipers (they're not gripping the discs properly - mild rust still showing after driving while front discs are shiny like mirrors) Hopefully it's just an issue with the rear brakes and not the EPB.It must be 'cos the EPB is working on and off manually and sounds the same as ever. Then I'll show him the way to clear the dash with the quick fix that Jimmyfixit did and hopefully that's it!!! Although it could be the EGR also. I'm praying it's not the actuator on the EPB - cannot deal with that kind of money - life is hard enough :( I'll report back.Not going to a Toyota dealer with this - no way they're thieves. Sean
  8. Thanks Scott, Yes I see that Konrad is the man for this issue - hopefully he gets in touch. Thanks pal.
  9. Hi Michael, Thanks for getting back but it's not that - I wish it was believe me :) I'm aware of that ability to turn it on and off by holding it in our out for a while. My dashboard is lighting up like a christmas tree!!! but I can still engage the EPB manually by pressing it - so it's actually working (not automatically) but the dash is telling me it's not!! It's some other issue. Thanks anyway Michael - appreciate it.
  10. Hey Scott, Thanks for getting back. I've experienced a 'limp mode home' in my previous car (Diesel Accord) but the lack of power is definitely not as radical as that.I mean she's driving fine and I can accelerate up and down the gears - it's just a lag in 2nd and a general feel of lack of power.It hasn't gone into 'limp mode home' and I hope it doesn't either!!! because it's horrible when it happens alright. I know I should get a diagnostic on it but reading other topics here relating to the same problem I get the impression that it will just read that is the actuator (I think that's what it's called) ,which is big money,but often it isn't that.I'm not bringing it to a Toyota dealer as they'll just tell me that and charge me a LOT of money.The EPB is working and sounding fine when I engage it manually but it won't work automatically. And I see from comments like the one attached that it can often be the wrong diagnostic software/tool in the wrong hands that can lead to an unnecessary whole new EPB.I'm thinking it's just an issue with the calipers but I'm wondering if you,or anyone else here, can recommend the right piece of diagnostic kit that I can tell my mechanic to use and then hopefully he can fix the rear calipers and clear the faults showing. The (small) lack of power thing is still a mystery to me though - hopefully the right diagnostic kit will display that issue also. I'm praying it's a caliper issue rather than an actual EPB issue - can't afford that!!!
  11. Hello Guys, I know this is a recurring problem and i've seen all the other topics regarding the same issue here. My question is regarding my 2014 Diesel 2 litre with auto EPB option. My EPB is actually working fine manually when the errors are displayed in the pic attached.It won't come out of this error display and also the cruise control won't work. I think I know it's more of an issue with both of my rear calipers, as after driving I can see that there is still rustiness showing on the rear discs on both sides.I recently got the rear pads done and I'm bringing it back to the mechanic to have a look at. My other issue is has anyone with the same problem experienced a lag in acceleration also while they had these issues?.It is definitely struggling in second gear between 1500 - 2000 rpm range and overall there's a general feeling of a lack of power in any gear from 1st to 6th.If the rear calipers are not working and the EPB sounds and works manually (even with all the warning and error lights displayed in pic) ,I'm not understanding how there could be a connection between the braking system and the lack of power??? Btw all these lights displayed a week or two ago for a few days and then one day when I started it they had all gone and car was back to running perfectly.Now the problem is back again in the last two days. All seems very strange to me - can't join the dots on this problem, it's a weird one for sure!! Any ideas anyone? Thanks all in advance - Great Forum.