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  1. Hello, hope someone can help please. I'm in urgent need for the following parts for a TOYOTA CARINA 1971 TA12. Any help would be very much appreciated!! Can I get parts from another Toyota which will fit? Dash Rubber (the foam which sits just below the windscreen) Windscreen rubber (do i need inner and outer chrome trip as well?) Rear left light lens Fuel Filter Wiper washer bottle pump + hose Radiator + hoses Track rod ends (for steering tracking x2) Ignition coil distributor contact points Seatbelts Condensor 4x spark plugs and leads RHD Headlights (sealed beam)
  2. Hello, hope someone can help please. I'm on the hunt for a set of front indicator lights for my 1971 Carina. Can anyone suggest a good website to go to for parts please? Thanks 😀