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  1. Nickems

    rav 4 mpg

    help please ? On a 2020 Dynamic Hybrid the average mpg shown on the dash as I understand it is just for the current journey ? How can I get an idea of the overall mpg since new ?
  2. Can anyone tell me if or how I can get the audible beep when the speed limit is exceeded on my Rav 4 Dynamic. I found thisvery useful on my previous ca r (prius)
  3. Nickems

    MPG Rav4

    New to Rav4 AWD What mpg can I aim for with gentle driving ?
  4. New to Rav 4 but not to Toyota having had a number of Prius's over the years. Needed a higher driving position Looking forward to driving my 2020 Dynamic very soon !
  5. I find the Toyo tyres om Gen 4 PHEV very noisy but I will have to put up with them for another 20000 miles. !!
  6. Nickems

    Wing mirror

    Some idiot smashed into my wing mirror and it has come apart.anybody know if you can buy the housing on its own. the cost of a whole new mirror is £500 plus apparently ,!,
  7. Most contributors here have ignored the fact that the phew gen 4 is a totally different car from the ordinaries gen 4 The shape is different The performance is different the suspension is different. The economy even on hybrid running is better. Let’s not compare apples with oranges eh.....
  8. Thanks for your help guys
  9. Tried to use the mobile charger for the first time on my gen4 PHEV Excel today but it didn't seem to work. have an Apple SE.phone Anybody help please ?
  10. I have owned and driven gen 2,3 and 4 ordinaire prius and I now have a gen 4 PHEV Excel The PHEV is undoubtedly the best of the bunch It is quieter, the ride is better ,the adaptive cruise control is brilliant the lights are amazing and the best thing of all is the amazing fuel consumption, I am retired so do not have a regular commute although I do use the car every day and over the last 1500 miles I am averaging 140 mpg. When at home the car is on charge each night for 3+ hours , of the 1500 miles I have done since buying the car I would say some 600 - 700 have been motorway
  11. Can someone explain under what circumstances I would use EVCity on my gen4 PHEV and what are the advantages i f any over EVeco ?
  12. My parking sensors are not beeping any ideas please ??
  13. Anyone know what BSM stands for shown in green on the dash
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