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  1. O right surely still not that hard? basically undo battery, loosen belt and unplug and unbolt alternator?
  2. Easy as. Got a guide i can post up later. It is easier from the top. First you disconnect battery, unplug a plug from alternator and remove a cover and then a larger cable to alternator. Then it the adjustor bolt on top and the mounting for the adjustor arm and then one more bolt at bottom. That is the rough jist of it.
  3. Second as first are standard Phase 2 and second are LEDs
  4. Not quite right I'm afraid, electronic brakeforce distribution, by its very name means the braking force is distributed to the wheels according to need, there would'nt be any point of only working on the rears as the car would be all over the place in an emergency situation. There is a pdf download at the bottom of the page that shows how it works. For £350 it is well worth the money EDIT Sorry but TOC doesnt like the font in my document, I will try and resolve it later Kingo O right thought i'd read this about the old yaris somewhere before but apparently not.
  5. It's a 4mins in and it is the old yaris verso. Looks exactly like it if not VERY close?
  6. Upgrading braking is not such a bad idea but your wasting your time doing it on the rear. Uprated pads and discs are often cheaper than OEM replacements and outperform them. The front/rear brake bias is something in the order of 75/25 so uprate the fronts and it'll be more than adequate. Braided lines may add some additional tightening as may a brake cylinder stopper but they are a bit overkill though cheapish.
  7. Anyone know how advance the new yaris VSC is? For £350 i wouldn't expect that much from it? Accelerometers used as G meters would be a little extreme for a city run about? The old yaris' EBD was a bit tame tbh although standard on most models i believe. It was only on the rear two brakes and so didn't have much effect. I agree VSC is better than nothing but i don't think it will be as good as that shown in the video. However it should be more than adequate for the situations you'd see in a yaris being driven on the road in normal conditions. In all fairness if the conditions were as bad as in that video you just wouldn't drive!
  8. Keep seeing a black Tsport with morettes in birmingham. Workin up there atm so seen it around reservoir road/carlyle road kind of area.
  9. You sure his figure was quoted at the wheels as would assume it is at the flywheel with that kinda figure mate. If you get the value of yours at the flywheel im sure it will be a lot more similar!
  10. Yeah it is just those as described above. The top part of the bumper has two screws holding it to the boot and then it has two poppers holding it on. Bottom is two bolts holding it to car (underneath upper bumper) and two underneath. After that it should budge. If not check in case it is mounted anywhere along rear wheel arch but i'm pretty sure it isn't
  11. I think i personally prefer it with the front badge still on but it is personal taste as i also dont like the rear completely debaged (i left the toyota badges front and back though had the option to remove both).
  12. He sold car. But yeah unless you want the height adjustability of the tein basics dont bother as they aren't much better than the tein springs. You are better off on all accounts to buy the tein springs and then you could in future upgrade to adjustable dampening koni shocks which can be set as soft or stiffer than tein shocks!
  13. Well my dad owns a Fabia and me a Yaris so we aren't doing too bad between us :)
  14. Lol or just tint them yourselves as easy and only matt black if you dont laquer! If not ebay.de (Use free translator or they make speak english) or needforspeed though it seems they only have blue ones on there site now.
  15. Wow that is a roll and a half! Yeah my driving has changed as i've matured but i do stil enjoy a spirited drive but it is not so much pushing the limits of the car or the driver. Also i would say i have learnt from the experience though in the same situation it is hard to say i could keep a cool head specially when i should have been accelerating when in a slide (feels unnatural).
  16. I think he wanted the stretched look
  17. Hey man yeah i remember ya! You change cars so quickly yet still find time to crazily mod them! What sorta plans you got for the P1 Tsport then?
  18. Not snookered as can have hi-low convertors to allow you to use a splice from the original speaker outputs from stereo. However you'd have been better buing a decent HU in the first place to make it 1. easier 2. sound better and 3. so you have more control over it (tuning it for SQ)
  19. Though i suppose with some styles of strut brace you may need to bend it to get to it (like a solid OMP one). I didn't have to on my megan racing one as the end plates can move before being tigtened and they have a plate that connects to all 3 strut top threads.
  20. You can easily fit it without removing the windscreen scuttle bit trust me :P
  21. I'm sure if you just mess around pulling both the lever under the seats at front or the lever usually in boot and sliding it to different positions it will sort itself out :P
  22. Depends what you fancy really. If you can get a TTE front splitter that is a very good mod to make it sporty and used to be easy to find on ebay though seems to have got a lot harder. Also eyebrows for the yaris can make it look a lot sportier aswell as painting the inside of the front lamps black like a tsport. Tints are another possible exterior mod aswell as colour coded wing mirrors. New shorter aerial? Tsport upper grill is a very good mod imo and can be done for about £15 i think. Wind deflectors are another exterior mod i quite like. That should do you for a while :P I'm sure others will suggest things i have forgot but is that the kind of things you meant?
  23. O right didn't realise people still read this. Yeah the car is fully back together with all the parts back on etc. The wing and bonnet aren't perfect fits which is my fault for not going with official parts to save some money. Also there are stil a few scratchs and small dents here and there that i didn't get fixed with the rest of it. This will be sorted when i get the funds in summer (at uni so only see car in holidays anyway). Until then i am still slowly modding it with the exhaust next the summer wheels still in the pipeline and few other lil bits but as a student the funds are a little low :P
  24. Good to see another red yaris on the club! I've personally gone for red and black theme with mine but it's probably going to have some white thrown in either at xmas or next summer (at uni without car). Good luck with wheel choice!
  25. Spark plugs i would assume aren't worth it but haven't tried. Aslong as they fire i'm sure they be fine! Spring wise i have been in cars with Pi springs and thought they weren't very good. They are a budget spring shown by their price and as always you get what you pay for. I think the Tein springs are the best first suspension upgrade you could do to get you on the ladder for future suspension upgrades in future whereas the Pi's would need replacing before upgrading other parts imo as they would let the rest down.
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