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  1. theripper

    Corolla E12 coilovers

    The title says it all. Let's see if there is any luck, as the Corolla forum is dead.
  2. theripper

    Max. widht wheel for 18" wheels

    I am planning to buy a set of of JR11 in 18" and was wondering if ET 7.5 is the maximum allowed or if someone has used ET 8-8.5 without isues Coilovers are used
  3. theripper

    Corolla with XXR wheels?

    Hi there, Has anyone seen a corolla picture with the XXR 527 wheels? I once found one, but it is no longer on the internet 😞 I am planning to buy some 18" ones and drop the car, but not all cars look good with these on. I had a Type R FN2 with them and it looked brutal.
  4. theripper

    New with TSport

    Hi there everyone, I just registered. This is my TSport. Hopefully I will find good info here!