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  1. Happy Birthday boundsw!

  2. Keep the 2, a few people near me have Supra TT, and yeah, the 2 whips its for speed, and most of them are autos !....not really what you want on a tubby ! you'd lose so much cash aswell Jim if you sold, Im gonna lose big time on mine when she goes, but shes gotta, as im going traveling in 5 days ! but I would just go sill yon her if I was staying !
  3. My old Nova (I know before you start) was de-locked and de-handled. Re-routed the 'lock' mechanism to operate the door catch instead. So when pressed the alarm, door popped open, Then shut door, and press alam to set alarm. Looked good, but a nightmare when alarm packed in when I was on holiday down cornwall, couldnt get in my car ! ha
  4. When I blew my turbo, I though sod it, im gonna upgrade, and had to go through the very process that you guys are discussing. Do I want massive lag and massive power, or little lag, and 'constant' power. The Guys at Turbo Technics were very helpful in helping me choose a Turbo, and they advised on a stg 1/2 for lower lag, but that these turbos are very capable of creating good boost. anything above that would cause much more lag. I opted for a stg1, as I had no other cooling extras, (intercooler / water injection) and was not disapointed, with the bigger compressor size I noticed a power increase straight away, even when running stock boost. But as Jesus says, there is alot to concider, and im no expert, but I would defo not go for a massive turbo for road use, it would be all or nothing unpradictable power ! (The upgrades normally do away with the twin entry feature, which gives you more of a 'hit' when the boost comes in, rather than a smooth increase). Alot of people also report good results from using nitrous with turbos, as the cooling effects of this also contribute to the power increase, so a 50 hit, would give you more like 70 horses. Another thing to remeber is that bigger / upgraded turbos will more than likely use steel internals, which are heavery, and take longer to spool, but stronger than the ceramic material used in the stock ct26/20 with an average size turbo, intercooler, water inhection, decat, and a good map i recon you would'nt be disapointed, and as jesus says, fogies and steel cons etc are for bigger power........ so you need to decide what the aim is
  5. boundsw

    Mr2 Wheels

    Thanks Bibs. sorted.. I have 7J on the front, and 8J on the rears, and i have worked out my offsets... thanks !!
  6. boundsw

    Mr2 Wheels

    but the offset is norm 42 then for 17" rims ? (need to buy some so wanna specify the offset)
  7. boundsw

    Mr2 Wheels

    How can I tell what offset my current wheels are, is there any way to tell by looking at them. Also, the width, im not sure if mine are 7J or 7.5J can i simply measure ? I know that my rear wheels have an offset that make them sit further out than the fronts What would the offsert be for 17" wheels 7J all round, for front and back , so they clear arches ?!
  8. boundsw

    Had A Smash

    I wanst hurt in the acident, wasnt really going fast enough ! Got a flat and didnt know, spun off coming out of a roundabout, tried to correct, but over done it, tried to correct the other way and caught it ! phew Then front right wheel hit the curb, (on the othr side of the road) which sent me into another spin. Front left wheel mounted the other curb after a 180, then smashed backwards up an embankment (to stop gypo's going onto waste land near there). Rear wheel had a massive chunk out of it, front wish bone bent, rear spats smahed off, when I hit the embankment, and one side skit a bit cracked. with it being 11 o'clock fiday night, cold, wet, with a flat...not the best conditions to be going sideways ! anyways, luckily no one was hurt, and there were no other cars around, or it could have been alot worse ! have no ordered a new wishbone, so will have to fit that, then get my tracking done, and hope she drives ok. then need a new set of rims, and the rear spats fixed / re-fitted. problem is, going to Aus on 1 March, so have one week to fix and sell....not the best timing to have a little bang !! had the car 18 months, no issues.....till now.....GREAT ! what do you recon to these, rims (basically need a cheap set to put on her, that look ok for when she goes) Link or another link obviously 5 stud, with the correct ofset !
  9. boundsw

    Had A Smash

    Cheers Guys. 24/7 spares have one, gonna deliver it as well....cool now just to find a cheap set of rims !!! :ffs:
  10. boundsw

    Had A Smash

    Well, had a litlte incident on friday night ! :ffs: Got a puncture, and spun of a roundabout, kinda smashed an alloy, and bent Front N/S lower arm. trying to get hold of one is a nightmare, :censor: Rogue aint got one, and all the scrappies round here have already got that part removed from the 2's they have. any one know of a good web site for spares or have a number to call !? Cheers
  11. The pump is electric, and is in the front of the car. No belts ! But yeah, it hould be ok to drive, just heavey steering
  12. Thats what I wanna hear...bridge the pins to put the light out, thats the answer I was looking for ! Cheers. Thought it might be that one, and when I fitted the downpipe, that sensor would not come out of the old cat, i had to cut the wires to get a ring spanner on, and then solder them back together, so though it might be a bit dodgy. Anyways, as far as im aware its not such an issue with no cat, correct...?
  13. Mines always on, does it really make that much differance to MPG ? just never turn it off ?!
  14. Thats what im guessing. which sensor is it, the one on a plate, or the one screwed in. There are two (ones the o2 sensor, and ones this, but which is which ?) one has two wires, one has one wire ?! any ideas guys
  15. Right, My downpipe cracked, then eventually snapped the other day...as they do. Rogue have thankfully repaired it for me (cheers guys) However, now, my exhaust temp sensor (light on the dash with wavey lines off it !) is on constantly. Any ideas as to how / why, also how can I get it to turn off !
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