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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I guess there's no need to be worried, I just need to learn how to drive a hybrid. 😄 I'll check out some videos. About point #1: Just to clarify, I didn't mean the actual EV mode but just accelerating so lightly that the ICE doesn't kick in. By the way, is there a real use case for the EV mode in normal driving? Or is it just for showing off to your friends: "look at me, I have an electric car!". 😄 IIRC the manual mentions that it should be used if you need to be really quiet. Don't know though that in what areas you need to be that quiet but are still allowed to drive. About point #3: I understand that the advertised figures are always quite far from the reality. However, I was a bit disappointed since my figures were rather bad even compared to more realistic Spritmonitor figures. But we'll see when I learn the most efficient way to drive. It's worth mentioning also, that my car is equipped with 215/45R17 wheels that are less fuel-efficient compared to the regular 195/65R15 (which I would prefer for other reasons as well, so I'll probably buy new rims and tires at some point). My trips are typically somewhere between 2-15 kilometres. With really short trips it's probably never possible to get good MPG since the engine doesn't get to warm up properly, especially in the winter.
  2. I've had an Auris Hybrid 2011 (145000 km on the clock) for a few months now. It is my first hybrid so I'm wondering whether the following issues are normal or should I be worried. The electric motor seems rather inefficient. For example when leaving from the traffic lights trying to use only the electric motor, the car accelerates really slowly (Micras, Fiestas and sometimes even busses passing me from left and right 😀). Of course if press the pedal more, then the ICE kicks in and I can keep up with the traffic but I guess it's not that fuel-efficient then. Sometimes when the car switches from electric to ICE, a small "glitch" can be felt. Doesn't happen always, and it's quite hard to explain but it feels a bit similar when changing gears in manual gearbox. The fuel consumption is quite far from the advertised figures (4,0 L/100km ≈ 70 MPG (UK)). The average consumption after around 1500 km of mixed driving is 6,1 L/100km (46 MPG) according to the car's computer. Many times when I stop the car, the the reading in the economy meter is outside of its scale (ie over 7 L / 40 MPG). A few times I've gotten a bit less than 5 L (56 MPG) though.