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  1. Don't remember seeing your post ,but thanks .
  2. I'm still rattling on with this one . Is the trim that goes around head unit and runs along the passengers side of the dash easy to remove , I've watched a video on You Tube that makes it look easy and wondered if that is the case, It looks like I may have to get an upholstery tool under the passengers' side end to start it off ,the video showed it being eased off by hand. This piece of trim is like a crash pad and what I don't want to do is to damage the soft top layer and or break any clips. Thanks
  3. I did post a similar piece below at the end of a topic I started last week ,It might not have been read and so I've copied and pasted it into a new topic . I know i'm getting boring with this but ,I've now got all the necessary components in order to add the Sat Nav module to my existing head unit but ,i'm missing the vital Navi lead - I'm still trying to locate a GPS module lead for my little Yaris and didn't really want to wait weeks and weeks for it ,so am trying Ebay . Does anyone know if the lead in the link below will fit a 2013 Yaris Navi unit . In the description does GT5 denote the fitting type into the Navi unit ? . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GPS-Sat-Nav-Radio-Antenna-GT5-for-Alpine-Clarion-Panasonic-Mercedes-Command-2/362689870618?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l9372 Again thanks for your anticipated help .Just trying to keep busy in my down time. ,( I know ,aint we all) Thanks again Kind regards
  4. As usual you have come up with the goods .The Touch 1 navi wiring loom complete I bought from Ebay (Germany) which I got for about £50 incl postage ,the antenna lead will also be bought from Ebay , i'm currently having a look at this item . Can I thank the members from the 3 posts that I received ,the information supplied has enabled me to buy all the bits that I require. Thanks again
  5. Trying to locate the wiring loom between the head unit and navi unit . Hoping not to pay main agent prices ,tried Ebay no luck .If anyone has any of the three small bits of loom and the antenna lead i'd pay a decent price. Trying to re-build a 2013 Yaris. Fingers crossed . Regards
  6. If I replace my head unit with one from another car (same year which has a navi unit), will the replacement unit require a code . Regards
  7. My Yaris IS A 2013 Model and I assume that my car is a touch 1 (if that exists) .All that I wanted to know was a rough price (if known) of the wiring loom that goes between the head unit and the nav unit. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I've been offered a second-hand head unit complete with the Navi module , only thing is that the small pieces of wiring loom required are missing ,the loom that connects between the head and the navi unit, I've got the Toyota part numbers but ,cannot price them at present with Toyota because of the lock-down. What i'm trying to way-up is ,roughly what price i'd be looking at when buying the missing loom .I'm being offered the head unit and navi unit for under £65.00 which I think is a good price ,but don't really want to pay a fortune for the missing bits. (Hope I've put this in the right area this time) Take care
  9. Hi all ,hope everyone is ok and managing to get through these tough times. My question is . My little Yaris even in normal use doesn't do that many miles and I struggle to keep the battery charged , now that most of us are doing a lot less miles can I from time to time put the battery on charge while it's still in the car in order for it to stay alive , what I didn't want to do is to (dependant upon how long the car isn't used ) is to do any damage to the battery and or car by charging the battery possibly several times over the time it's not being used . Take care
  10. Hi I have a 2013 Toyota Yaris 1.3 petrol and have a question - When the car is idling what voltage figure should the alternator be putting into the battery .I recently had a new battery fitted and noticed that the car is a bit sluggish when being started ,it could be that I don't do that many miles per week now ,but just wanted to make sure .I put a voltage meter on the charging leads from the alternator to the battery and on idle got around 14/15 volts and wondered if that was ok ,obviously ,over idle speed it should be a bit higher …….or am I wrong !!
  11. I'm thinking of adding the Navi unit to the head unit on my 2013 Yaris .I can obtain the Navi unit with fixing brackets and fixing bolts ,the two pieces of wiring loom that are plugged into the rear of both head and navi unit .As its new to me i'm not sure if there are any other leads ,i.e . a GPS lead and any that I would need that are not already on the car. I don't know what sort of job it is to remove the head unit and install the Navi unit and its wiring . With most Navi units you need a SD card in conjunction with the kit ,is that the same for the Yaris system ,or is there another means . Sorry its a bit vague ,but i'm trying to piece this together before I buy it and then try and install it. Thanks
  12. The car has one other owner and had it serviced by Toyota .All i'm trying to find is (if possible) a cheaper alternative . I understand that the Five + club may be an alternative ? ,if my local dealer identifies it.
  13. Hi ,I hope i'm in the right area. My little Yaris with 21000 miles is due for it's 6 year service . I only cover about 1500 miles a year (at the most) so really the oil doesn't get dirty .What i'm trying to find out is , the price that I've found for a 6 year service is about £295.00 incl vat ,is that price about right ,or, are there any other more cost effective options and places to get a service done to Toyota standards and content. Thanks
  14. Ive had the car about 8 months and the batteries were in both fobs then .The remote locking and unlocking seems to work ok. Is there a de-activation switch for the smart system? and if so where is it located on a 2013 Yaris ,could I have switched it off? or ,unless both of my key fobs have batteries that are failing...……….co-incidence. Thanks for all the replies and help. Changed the remote batteries and all is now ok ………..it all works again!!!!!! Thanks again .