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  1. Thanks for info, I’ve asked a few suppliers based in that . much appreciated Rob
  2. Scratched my alloy when removing it today, anyone know the paint code for 2018 gloss black alloys ? or tell me where I can get it (with dealers currently shut). or recommend a good touch up kit they have used ? Cheers Rob
  3. Interested in getting larger wipers for front and rear, anyone encountered any issues ? Rob
  4. robwils

    Mud guards

    How did you get on with these ? Be interested to know, do they help keep rear of the car a bit cleaner ?
  5. Double thanks, swapped over today and wouldn't have been able to do it without reading these. For the record and anyone else needing info, this vid was also useful for removing mirror glass.
  6. Anyone changed mirror caps on an Aygo, do they just un clip ? or do you have to remove glass and go from inside ?
  7. Thanks guys, just went with a set of genuine alloys from e-bay with winter tyres, bit more than I wanted to pay but used Paypal credit to spread burden 🙂
  8. robwils

    Centre caps

    Anyone bought spare centre caps on a 2018 Aygo ? Need a set for my winter wheels but the OEM ones are too much. First set off ebay didn't fit :-(
  9. Thanks i dont think they do crossclimates in the correct size though.
  10. Yes aware of that thanks, been to the main dealer too, who reckon you just up the tyre size if going down the 14's . Toyota do supply 14's I steel if I want. Already got a quote from insurance company too , who see it as a positive thing fitting winter wheels so nominal amount really. why another site ? - can you recommend one ?
  11. robwils

    Apple Car Play

    Just got a 2018 AYgo and was reading about mirror link, mentions a specific cable ? Will it not work with my 6 plus though ? Rob
  12. Second post (and first thread started).😋 Just bought a 2018 Aygo and thinking of getting winter wheels / tyres. Car currently sits on 15's . Looking at wheelbase when I select 15 in wheels it doesn't offer winter tyres, only on 14 and 16's . Is there a reason for this ? and am I OK to either increase or decrease the wheel size to run 14 or 16 over winter, anyone else done this ? Any advice appreciated. Rob
  13. First post after buying an Aygo for the family to use. Looking at buying winter wheels and tyres and notice wheelbase don't seem to offer 15's with winter tyres, 14 and 16s are available. Is a 2018 Aygo OK on 14's ? with the slightly bigger tyre ? Any advice appreciated. Rob