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  1. It can only be coming from the route of the recycled gases. Strip the easy bits off and have a look. Have you given it a good clean out in there?
  2. Have you had the EGR valve off for inspection?
  3. In his first post, he states that the battery was replaced by Toyota.
  4. Just go to the dealer, they'll give you the right ones and two bleed nipples won't break the bank.
  5. This is the car that used to belong to me, I took that photo the day I bought it in 2011. I had it for about 2 years.
  6. As you have your EGR and your 5th injector coded out, you can’t be 100% certain what was causing it. Because coding any part of a system out will affect everything else in the system. Re the Toyota blog and the guy that posted about the car that used to belong to me. I left a reply for him which had to be “moderated” before it went live. Guess what, it didn’t go live, none of it. If you read the blog, the only questions that Toyota answer are things like, “does my car have a DPF?” They are not going to blog about known faults, indeed any faults that their cars have. All that they do is refer you to your nearest dealer. That website exists to tell you how wonderful Toyotas are, not to tell the world about any faults they might have.
  7. I don’t think the article by Toyota explains anything, it’s just whitewash and spin. One of the people asking Toyota a question actually refers to his car by his registration number, that car used to belong to me and that car would produce the problem as it was being driven on the motorway, never mind being stuck in town traffic. It’s one thing smoking a wee bit now and again but blowing out smoke like a Saturn V rocket is another thing altogether.
  8. My Avensis T180 does it too, so did my last one. I've looked into it too and never found a definitive explanation.
  9. That's Edinburgh, here was me thinking you were in Midlothian.
  10. Hola Thomas, your DMF won't be causing any engine flat spots. If anything was wrong with it you would notice a vibration, clutch slipping or you might hear a noise. I don't think there is any connection between your flat spot and your DMF. It's more likely to be fuelling, injector or a turbo issue.
  11. Do I know them? Bear in mind that they probably won't want to fit parts that you have supplied.
  12. As you are in Midlothian, there are a couple of good motor factors in Dalkeith, Eskside motor factors and, Brakeways. If you are at the other side there is also BNC in Penicuik. I would keep away from Halfrauds at Straiton, they are always the dearest. Re your spark plugs, almost all Japanese cars were fitted with Denso spark plugs, I think Toyota still have a stake in Denso. As your car isn't a true Japanese car (what is nowadays?) it will probably have a european plug like Bosch or Beru.
  13. I must learn to read properly 😀