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  2. That's interesting to know.
  3. According to the above link from Frostyballs,it would appear that only the optimal drive petrol models require 0-20 and the other petrol models require 5-30.
  5. You obviously haven't reached the mileage that requires an oil change and, given that most oils have a five year shelf life and some manufacturers are only doing oil changes every two years, I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. It could also have been bolted to the body. The body and the engine both need to be connected to the negative side of the battery.
  7. If you want part numbers, this is the place to go. I use the page below for my model.
  8. What kind of damage? If they want to replace it, it should be at their cost especially as they say it's not worn. Any time I ever had to replace a clutch part under warranty, the whole lot was replaced under warranty, with no quibbles.
  9. What exactly is the fault with the pressure plate?
  10. Stivino

    Cabin filter

    They do a slightly different job. The paper element part is what removes the impurities from the air, i.e. dust, leaves etc. The "activated" carbon does a slightly different thing. The filter in your cooker hood is activated carbon. If you looked at it through a microscope it would look like a sponge with thousands of little holes in it, this gives it a massive surface area. Is purpose is to remove taste and odour from the air, that is why it is activated. However, the activation won't last forever and the filter might need to be replaced even though it looks clean. It is activated to attract the taste and odours, in a similar way to a magnet, but by chemistry.
  11. Stivino

    Cabin filter

    What car is it for?
  12. Stivino

    Cabin filter

    One of the things with activated carbon is that it becomes de-activated over time. So, it might be time that it was replaced. I don't understand what you mean by" pollution of Peugeots". It should be possible to by an activated carbon filter for most cars for £15. You could buy a standard pollen filter for less.
  13. I've used these people before. They are in Japan but it was still much cheaper than buying it here. I bought one of these 77641-02010. It's showing now at $36, Toyota wanted over £100 for it. Even with shipping and import duty it was only half the price. It was a genuine Toyota part with "Made in Britain" written on it, crazy.
  14. That would be a waste of time, I'm sure they already know what their product is and isn't compatible with. However, they won't want the world to know.