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  1. It's twice as thick. 3.2mm as opposed to 1.6mm. It will go in but you might have trouble getting the two halves of the key back together.
  2. Buy a sheet of gasket rubber and cut them out yourself.
  3. You need to clean all that carbon out of there. There are three holes, a big one in the centre and one in each back corner. Be careful not to let it fall into the manifold. I block the holes with rags and suck it out with a hoover. There is nothing that will disolve that carbon so, forget brake or carburettor cleaner spray. Have you got a picture of the EGR valve, too?
  4. I realise that now that I have looked back over the thread, silly me. At first glance I read it won't work with low gas and then if you use it with low gas it will damage the pump. I didn't see that he was shorting out the switch. But shorting it out only to test the system is worthwhile.
  5. It might just need a top up. I used to have to give my old Meriva a little gas every year or so.
  6. Read your post back to yourself. 😀
  7. It looks like operator error to me. It's as if someone driving it has cut a corner with a high kerb too tightly. If it wasn't you, who else drives the car?
  8. You need to know how much oil it is using per thousand miles. Once you know that, you can check to see if it is within tolerance.
  9. Often those lights coming on is associated with a blocked EGR valve. I would take it off and have a look.
  10. What exactly are they advising you of?
  11. Water or water vapour from the tailpipe is perfectly normal, it's a by-product of the combustion process. For every gallon of petrol you burn, about one gallon of water will come from the exhaust.
  12. After you've charged the battery, does it spin the engine when you turn the key? Try to describe exactly what is happening.
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