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  1. Comdensers are always the main suspect, they have a horrible life stuck at the front of the car, exposed to everything. Have a good look at the "corrosion" on the compressor.
  2. I've just this minute finished fitting new air con pipes to a Peugeot RCZ. I fitted an aftermarket condenser which was about £35. How does he know that the compressor is kaput?
  3. The myth about the name?
  4. Incorrect. No va means "it doesn't go" or it's not going. The literal tranlation is, no it goes. Va = it goes. No va = no it goes. (it's not going, it doesn't go)
  5. Could it be either? Have a look under you car and you'll see what's on it.
  6. Wikipedia says; Mitsubishi says "Starion" is a contraction of "Star of Arion" — and refers to both a star and the mythical horse, Arion.
  7. Hi Caitlin, welcome to the club. This is an old topic but you might be lucky and get a response.
  8. Easy, the car is already in the workshop and up on the ramp.
  9. I know that I can buy decent pads for you car for £30 for the whole car. So, even if they charged £60 for all the pads and an hour labour for fitting, the still charged you double what the job is worth. Always get a price before giving the go ahead.
  10. My local garage charges only £40/hr. I would ask them to break the bill down for you as, it's imho, it's a total rip off.
  11. Sorry I didn't read it properly. If they are making contact, first you need to find out why. There must be something amiss. It should have been spotted when you were fitting them.
  12. There's no point fitting new backplates of the it's the discs that are fouling them.
  13. It will probably be caused by corrosion of the drum/disc on the edge that "mates" with the backplate.
  14. How did they break down the fitting of the pads on the bill? i.e. How much were the parts? How much was the labour?
  15. I posted a link showing how it's done on the 14th of this month. It's not for your specific car but it will be as near as dammit the same.
  16. The original exhaust on My Avensis is twelve years old. I can't imagine any aftermarket system lasting that long.
  17. Original or aftermarket it's got value, they're taking it.
  18. Stivino

    RAV4 2.2 diesel

    Since there are many more Lexus's using this engine than there are Toyotas, I have found the Lexus forums a very good place to find out about this engine.
  19. I don't have turbo lag. It will pull in any gear from 1,400 or 1,500 revs but the pull is much stronger as it nears 2,000.
  20. Of course there is a difference and, yes we really care. After all, isn't that the whole point of this topic? If nobody cared, this wouldn't be the 63rd reply in this thread. I take it from your reply that, you don't know the difference between spelling and pronunciation.
  21. You have written the words but, how are you proposing that they pronounced?
  22. Do you mean eh, or ee?
  23. This is a cross reference of the pads that fit your car.