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  1. If you only intend to check the gap, it should be 1.1mm or 44 thousands of an inch.
  2. If you look at my new disc project here you'll see that, at least on the Avensis, the holes are threaded and can be used to remove the disc.
  3. Just get your brush and use it to hold the boot lid up.
  4. At a guess I’d say the thread will be 10mm, possibility 12. Take a bolt from somewhere else or the car and try it for size. Maybe take one bolt from the top engine mounting for instance.
  5. I’ve got the aluminium/silver Sealey tool in the picture, it fit my Avensis perfectly.
  6. Flash22 mentioned cheaper tyres. Have you even read the thread?
  7. How are you going to put 16" tyres on 17" rims? Cheaper tyres don't necessarily mean more noise.
  8. It could be that the previous owner was a drug mule and had hidden his stash in the heater. Do you get a feeling of euphoria when driving it?
  9. Welcome to the forum. I hope you are a Hibby. 😀
  10. There are many threads regarding this question on this site and many others. And I don't think there is a definitive answer on any of them.
  11. Yes, I know that. I thought he meant in the red as in the fuel gauge. Duh! Diesel still works out as the cheaper option.
  12. The cost of diesel works out less than the cost of petrol because of the increased MPG. What does it matter if you run it on red?
  13. That only applies when buying new. I prefer the diesel power and the way it is delivered.
  14. Stivino

    17" Rav4 Wheel

    eBay is the best place to get one.
  15. I’m on my second one of those and I’ve not had any head gasket issues.
  16. If the system is full, you can pretty much start wherever you want, I usually start furthest away from from the master cylinder, i.e. N.S.R. I can recommend a 300ml Tropicana orange bottle for bleeding brakes. It has a big lid that seals well and is clear enough to see any air bubbles. Get a length of screenwash hose and make a hole in the lid just big enough to pull the hose through so that it is quite tight and makes a seal. As long as the hose reaches the bottom of the bottle, it will always make a seal. There’s no need to buy a bleed bottle, don’t waste money on that.
  17. It sounds like a male chicken (my 1st choice of word was edited out) and bull story to me.
  18. I could eat mince and tatties every day. I just wish my granny was still here to make it for me.😀
  19. Get down to the nearest scrappy and get another one.
  20. Copaslip isn’t grease, it’s an anti-seize compound. I’ve not put it on any brake parts for over 40 years, not since my foreman kicked my arrsse for it. If you do the job properly, you won’t have any problems. Only recommended lubricants should be used on brake parts and Copaslip isn’t one of them.
  21. I recently learned that if I type the word "mince" into a comments section on a popular Scottish newspaper it identifies it as a swear word. That is because in Scotland mince is a euphanism for ***** e. (rhymes with white)
  22. If it is sitting steadily between the high and low level, just leave it. It's normal for it to fluctuate a bit between those marks depending on temperature.
  23. I read about that on the BBC news app. Here it is.