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  1. I'm into my second week with my 2015 Icon hybrid and finding it great fun after my Vauxhall 1.4 SE auto. I think I'm also getting the hang of driving it as I'm seeing 60.7mpg average when driving mixed motorway, local and suburban routes, keeping to the max speed limits (driving at but not exceeding them whenever safe to do so). Best average so far, 97.4 mpg for a short local trip with the engine fully warmed before setting off Its one of the most relaxing cars I've driven in my 60 odd years of driving 🙂
  2. a quick update and repeat of my previous thanks to all who responded. I purchased the Nextbase 512 GW and had it fitted within half an hour of unboxing it, connected to the cigarette socket. As promised, it was quick and easy and the finished job is unobtrusive. Initial tests indicate its all working as it should be but I will give it a proper test tomorrow
  3. thanks for that information, do you consider it to have been good value for money?
  4. t'was the link to Lindop Toyota I was referring to Scott, I as I said, I am grateful to all for their help 🙂
  5. Thanks to all, on your advice I've had a poke around the various seals and head lining and decided I will have a go at the simple install (via cigarette lighter socket) myself, probably getting the nextbase 512GW as that seems to be best value at present
  6. thanks for the link Kingo, you brought back some memories, if I remember correctly I purchased a Toyota form Lindop way back in the 80's when we lived in Chester 🙂
  7. Good points, essentially all I want is a "Crash Cam" as there seem to be more and more lunatic drivers around these days. From memory its 12 months on the dash cam but its also a way of ensuring that any potential electrical problems that may occur can't be blamed on poor installation by a 3rd party (I'm a very old and cynical man now and think "Belt and Braces" is a bit slipshod 😉 )
  8. thanks for the welcome Scott, according to my main dealer we got the car from they are a stock item, £250 fitted. I looked at the Halfords video on how they fit a dash cam and there seemed to be a lot of interior trim removal, something I would feel happier with Toyota doing as its then covered by their warranty (they also told me that they wouldn't fit a non-Toyota dash cam)
  9. A ride in a Prius taxi with a very enthusiastic driver (should be paid a commission by Toyota) resulted in me having a long look at the Yaris Hybrid. After much reading and watching of reviews I decided to investigate buying one and after a road test my wife and I decided to do it. Of course the one we were after was sold just before we got to test drive it but the helpful salesman found us a nice fresh 2015 with only 9k+ miles and full history. After 3days getting acquainted with it (and still finding it cute to drive as its so different 🙂 ) we are falling in love with it. Still only averaging around 58mph with stop / start driving but we need to learn to drive "The Hybrid / Method". One quick question (if I may) what do you think of the Toyota Dashcam, is the benefit of having a genuine Toyota accessory fitted good value to having another make fitted, say be Halfords?