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  1. hi Heifirst Thanks for your reply. As far as I know, after consulting the manual there is apparently single fuse for the whole multimedia unit. Before this issue, the Bluetooth showed Toyota Touch&Go but now it has changed to CARMULTIMEDIA for some strange reason. It was never there before. When I press sat nav key on the front, instead of loading maps it shows 'No system installed' message. The app like 'Glass of water' and some other built-in apps also gone missing
  2. Hi The Touch and Go system of my Toyota verso 2012(TR D-4D) UK was working perfectly fine with all the audio, mobile phone system and navigation system (though outdated maps). The other day I noticed while driving home, its display went blank. I suspected the fuse and it was blown ( 15 AMP RAD 1 , fuse in the engine compartment). After replacing the fuse, the next day, the Touch and Go system started to work. I noticed that the interface was a bit different but all other functions were normal except the satellite navigation system. When I press the navigation key it shows a message ' No system installed'. In the setup menu, I tried to find the system information but no such option was available. Previously I can remember that when I updated the maps I was able to find system information from the setup menu. It was very weird to find that simply a blown fuse can cause such a software issue. Then I feel that I am missing some information to properly restart this system after a power outage. I will appreciate if anyone here can help me out to get the sat nav working again. Thanking you in advance