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  1. Does any other tt e compressor out there have any info regarding wiring diagrams regarding supercharge working electrics or any one with the ability to repair faulted electrics when my supercharger cuts in it blows a fuse or wife smokes !
  2. Hi there does anyone have a clutch for a supercharger. Or any useful info that is the one which drives the compressor I am really stuck thank you
  3. Sorry if i have put my question in the wrong place . I have owned my compressor for two years and I am enjoying it mostly although I have owned three other Toyota s this is the most unre!I able. But the most fun. I also have 20 years working with jaguar cars i am not used to web sites but looking forward to trying regards compressor j ohn
  4. Hi can anyone help with info or parts to repair my clutch on my supercharger nothing seems to be available apart from a new compressor from toyota
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