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  1. Trim clip size for interior trims 8mm,9mm or 10mm
  2. Thanks for the reply buddy I contacted them and they were very reluctant I have to say , however they did authorise the areas to be cleaned and have cavity wax applied , I work as a tech for Audi and very much love my toyotas , so I got some dinitrol to apply to the affected areas then applied cavity wax myself, was just a bit concerned especially with it being so new and obvs how bad the door handles do leak
  3. Hi all bought myself a 17 plate proace with the intention of turning it into a Small camper however once I had removed the ply lining and began the sound deadening process I noticed corrosion on both sliding doors and also the rear at the bottom inner seam, the water is leaking past all the door handles now there are drain holes for this reason but corrosion already!! The lack of Any cavity wax etc has not helped things, wondering if anyone else had had this issue? Restricts what I can do in regards to insulation