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  1. Well I am now eight months down the line with my Excel Plug in Prius, I have done 5000 miles on one tank of petrol and I was wondering whether over this time span does petrol goes off and lose some of its qualities, on my second refill I have used Shell super unleaded thinking that this might help. I have experienced exceptional fuel economy my last longish round trip I did 280 miles and averaged 95.8 miles to the gallon. This was cruising between 40 to 65 mph when I could. Another small round trip of 70 miles, coming back, just on regenerative battery alone, I achieved 96 mpg. Fantastic!
  2. Why don’t you just get the white parts wrapped?
  3. Is there a tow bar for the Plug In? I know it can’t be used for towing, I just want to use it for my bike carrier.
  4. Hi - Just joined the forum and I am looking to get a wall charger for my plug in, I have read some horror stories about Chargemaster and was wondering which company you went for the installation. Thanks.