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  1. here you go http://img16.imageshack.us/my.php?image=middlefinger6qn.jpg
  2. ive gotta to agree therefore there was no need for creating it, i certainly wont be posting in here. might aswell go the whole hog and add, engine subforum, styling sybforum etc etc etc
  3. Since we've been assigned this forum, does this mean anything to do with t sport should be posted in here?
  4. hi mate, i was kinda in this situation about a year had my yaris 2 week 2nd hand and wrote it off :( . negoiating depends who you are with, i was with elephant, they gave a good quote i only lost £100, but it depends who your with. a genearl rule dont except fist offer, say itw ay too logn to repalce mine like for like. best bet i found out was go on autotrader and check how much the exact car is going for from garages and private sales, but go on garage one. you will only get the market value for your car so remember that, jsut becuase you seen a car that seems expensive and is exactly the same as yours you will still only get market value, you can pay £1.50 from parkers input your details and they will give ou the exact marekt value. hope this helps, and good luck
  5. No problem, if you *really* want one .. get one :D They are loverly cars to drive, good for daily use, cheap to run and damn fine on thelimit if you know what you are doing. If I can help, let me know. Just hoping I'm helping you remove the rose tinted glasses for a second but if you decide it's still the car for you. I can help you look ;) ← cheers bud appreicate it , having fun in my dad rx8 at moment comes back in a few days though. the rx8 seem to have excellent handling, mpg aint too great though!
  6. erm, okay. FWD 1.5l shopping car vs 250bhp RWD roadster. I'll just give you the warnings .. the usual transition from FWD to RWD involves at LEAST one expensive off road incident .. and in an S2000 a sideward slide into a cerb has a going rate of 8k for repairs. ← whatever, i meaning there rarish, anyways no time like the present ill still get a rwd drive, im driving an rwd now. i appreicate everyone concern but ill learn. A yaris could be as dangerous as an s200o depends who you are and how stupid you drive it.
  7. vtec and 130 bhp? im just thinking by the time the vtec kicks in you'd be ahead anyway, my cousing said that about his integra type r (DC2) and most of the t sports grunt is in much much earlier revs than vtec levels ← this threads getting boring now, but gott look at hte wider picture, no mod = no chance, mod = you'll win
  8. thats why i like an s2000, aint many about here and its a bit like yaris t sport :P
  9. this has been discussed before was lot of confusion first time, springs are same on tsport and sr, just t sport has lowre chasis. so it wont do ant difference.
  10. performance they aint, almost identical both rwd. i havent driven an s2000 that much, driven the x8 more, he only had it 3week. great car
  11. yes bhp per tonne, power to weight ratio :) if you were to put the yaris power into a 500kg car it would fly! suzuki cappuccino anyone? :D ← AX GT!
  12. what figures did lee get on rolling road, though he hadnt got his on rr with his full mods?. thats very strange 6900 how can it if ecu controls it?, mines got a decat i nver take it above red line ie 6200, you actaully lose power taking it above 6200?, or at put loads of stress on egine?. you reckon i dastek could chnage this?
  13. cheers, insurance is no prob its 880 fully comp. Im just saving up now. but by the time i can afford a mint one, s2000's will be phased out by the new one :( . Ive been driving a my dads new rx8 so ive got used to, been put on insurance whilst hes away, so im getting plenty of experience
  14. cheers, dude i will save up, the yaris is a mod project(alwasy been interested in how mods effect cars) just want to see what i can get outta the little barsteward!
  15. you need to take into account what version of dastek chip this is as there constantly evolving and remaping cost £220+.
  16. back seats effect launch, the good old less weight phsyics. Ive tried and it makes a difference ask earpl i reckon i would get 130bhp, rossnova got 127, earpl got 140. i eckon mapping it to take 97 ron would push it upto 130. yeah ims till debating to get an s2000 can only afford CAT D ones at monent without getting a loan.
  17. sorry to here that fella its alwys sad when someone dies in a car carsh. im still debating to get as im nearly there £ wise, yeah have to watch out, i like fast cars, ive already written off one yaris. I looked into CAT D nothing wrong really jsut need be careful. cheers bud
  18. agreed GTX is poo, sounded like a diesel!
  19. hi mate doesnt sound to good to me, to know someones been messing, sorry lad. Anyways...looking at above myabe theyve fitted an apexi avcr or tried to chip it? are there any other signs of mods? ie exterior, look for holes where side skirts would go and things like that. did you buy off toyota or a dealer?
  20. i might chip mine, my setup decat,increased bore, standard backbox manfiold k&n typhoon perrin pully back seats out possbily with dastek remppaed to take advanatge of 97ron, i reckon i see 130bhp just.
  21. mines 6200 same as other guys, cant see why it would be more or less???
  22. i have mobil one 0w40 , works liek a treat not too thin, besides you want thin at this time of year it gets to work quicker. little quitier too
  23. when i asked ages ago think id get 4950 for a trade in, theres a few CAT D repaired s2000 with full history about at the 8k mark. ive got about 4k to spend Yeah its a step up thats why i want one i took one out for a test drive and loved it. Yeah winters here so they'll be cheapish, but rear drive tricky in the wet. Im after a year 2000-2001 silver with red interior. dont want to mod it really prob jsut a mugen air filter and thats it.
  24. Hi, I saved up a bit nearly enough but i think its time to move on to an honda s2000, which ive wanted for a long time only need a little bit more £ to get one, question is how much is my t sport worth, i was thinking £5200. ht51 plate, manfucaturerd in 2002 new tyres 12 month mot 6 month road tax immacualte inside and out 34k miles. thunder grey tinted windows mods - but will be taken off uprated speakers allround and panasonic mp3. needs serviced in may. thank you adam
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