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  1. I also have this stupid problem with horn, I have to pres 5 times to make it work. I want to try to repair that. As I understand I have to disconnect Accu first, what is next, how can I disassemble horn? Regards.
  2. Basically in my case there was just one bolt below wheel that need to be tighten just a little bit. I have to add one more INFO, there is also another joint with similar system, below the car the third one, so it can make a problem too.... You can see a bar sticking from carpet, on picture above I posted , at the bottom of that shaft, there is another bolt, the third one.... But that one is protected with some sealant, so its not accessible without removing that sealant... In small red circle.
  3. Hi, again. I did it this evening. In my case I discover that this click was sourced by upper bolt (11). I feel smaaaal play in that upper splines connection. I marked bolt position, unscreew it put some lithium greace on contact and bolt, and tighten bolt little bit more than initialy, and thats it, no more click. I also apply procedur on lower bolt, just to be on safe side. Thanks once again :)
  4. Dear Catlover, thank You too :) I studied this topic on internet(forums), and I completely understand Your points. But look at picture below. On separate joint (Rav4), You can see something like cross and there are 4 closed bearings, that are on every side of that inner "cross" (connecting to arms) and that formed this joint. There are two of these in Auris, upper and lower. So if that bearing is faulty, than outer greacing wont help?
  5. Thank You for reply :) where to apply grease, because I think that joints haves some closed bearings system inside? I am not sure if this grace will penetrate joints, its not clear to me what part is actually clicking. There are two joints with pack bearings inside, and also expanding rod between, somewhere I red that You have to put grease in that telescopic part. Riding feel is very bad on rough road, I constantly fell a play. On motor road everything is fine. Local Toyota service inspected car and they didn't find anything bad related to clicking.
  6. Hi to all. I have also the similar issue with my Auris 2011 1.6, on low mileage, 20,000 miles. And this is a little bit disappointing for me regarding quality of Toyota.... I tried to remove plastic covers and expose these two joints, I can feel the play (click) when I create mm move from left to right, but I cant see where it is. I tried to check two bolts on shaft, but seems like they are tighten. During faster ride, there is no click, click is present on slow speed. Is there any news regarding this topic, any new solution, that I should try in DIY? Best regards.