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  1. Well I have now had my Noah for over a week and so far so good everything works even the wheelchair. I have replaced the tyres with Michelin Crossclimates and it feels much better on the road. It is very easy to drive very quiet and smooth but it likes a drink! My local mechanic Martin has given it the once over and suggested that I change both front shockers brake discs and pads so I am now looking for part numbers and suppliers. I have replaced the wheelchair front wheels with solid tyre wheels from ROSS Castors in Leicester great service product and price. Thanks for all your comments Kind Regards Jon
  2. Hi Tony yes I will ask them and as a backup I am going to send a message to Toyota UK and Toyota Japan. I am looking forward to my first imported Toyota I have been to Japan twice recently and love their quirky and practical cars.
  3. Hi Neil, I pick up the car next wednesday so I will be able to take an in depth look at then. I was told by 2/3 dealers that the cars fitted with these systems Elgands, Voxy, Alphards etc were factory fitted by Autech?
  4. Hi everyone, I am a new member who is in the process of buying a 2002 Noah fitted with a passenger seat that can be powered out of the car which then becomes a wheelchair. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this system. I have bought an english translation of the owners hand book but cannot find any reference to the wheelchair seat. The system is like this one I found on youtube