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  1. Chopstick Racing

    Exhaust modification

    Keep us posted!
  2. Chopstick Racing

    15" Wheels coming soon

    Just to add, ive since found that a 175/50 x 15 is a great fit and virtually the same rolling radius. Here is a 107 with some fitted on these Mini One Alloys, which i think do look pretty good.
  3. Chopstick Racing

    Exhaust modification

    I’d just fit it and see if it sorts the issue out and worry about the looks later on. It wont touch the skirt as there is loads of space under there.
  4. Morning people! The opening round of the 2019 Toyota Sprint Series/Japanese Sprint Series, is at Cadwell Park on 6th April 2019 It would be great to see some more Toyota's out and have go at the highly popular and addictive series, where you can use your road car! What ill be in, i dont know. its either the Aygo, or the Yaris....! If you would like any more information, have a look here... and More updates as we get them folks!
  5. Chopstick Racing

    Hi all, just a quick introduction

    Good to see another enthusiast join up. Welcome
  6. Chopstick Racing

    15" Wheels coming soon

    Thanks mate, yeah that's what i was thinking with the speedo. Ill have to check what offset they are, i cant remember. They are the same as the wheels i used for wets on my Swift Sport Track car, but 4 stud. Suzuki Ignis Sport 15" Enkei's
  7. Chopstick Racing

    Exhaust modification

    Fingers crossed! For what they cost, especially for a full system, its worth doing to rule it out.
  8. Chopstick Racing

    Possible Purchase

    Ah thanks, beat me to the MOT check. May not necessarily go for this one, but its pretty much what i'm after.
  9. Chopstick Racing

    15" Wheels coming soon

    I have got some 15" Alloys for the Aygo, and was wondering what is more likely to be a better fit, and size. 195/50 or 195/45 x 15 My car is on KYB Excel Gas Shockers and Apex springs, so is sat a bit lower than standard Thanks
  10. Chopstick Racing

    Few Styling Mods To My Mk1 Aygo Since Last Visit..

    It really does sit well here. Lovely
  11. Chopstick Racing

    Possible Purchase

    Morning Folks Im looking at getting an Auris SR in the new year. Anything to look out for at all? This is the said car i have my eye on, but anything like that would be ok. Thanks
  12. Chopstick Racing

    Hello from Bulgaria

    Welcome to the Forum, enjoy
  13. Chopstick Racing

    Hola from Spain

    Good morning, welcome to this minefield of information! Enjoy
  14. Chopstick Racing

    Exhaust modification

    Its not a permanent repair just a stop gap and clogs the water jackets up from what ive seen. Also eventually clogs up the cooling system (radiator etc), so it would need flushing out very well if you ever get it fixed and keep it. Id say avoid to be fair.
  15. Chopstick Racing

    Near Side Door Switch

    Yes, that sums it up well to be fair. Same as the glove box cover, bought one yesterday for it, and it will just make the interior feel a little more complete. If they can sell them so cheap at a dealer, then why not fit them. I guess its whatever the market demanded at the time.