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  1. Yeah ill just have my 10p worth... Fitted a new cat to my Aygo, no sealant needed at all, and thats how id expect it with 95% of exhaust components on cars. Gaskets are designed to expand where needed, and a dry joint that fits well, its much better than a shoddy fitting one with Exhaust paste. I get some Aftermarket exhaust pieces are not a very good fit, but the majority are fine nowadays. Cheers
  2. A few more recent. Its having its front bumper replaced at the weekend, so ignore the colour mismatch, previous owners attempt! There will be a big update soon, as the first round of the Toyota Sprint Series at Cadwell Park isn't far away, and there is a few bit to do yet! Added the easiest modification to a Mk1 though the other day, a rev counter! And the daily wheels off a C1 (They were cheap, and from a mate who builds C1 race Cars!)are just right for now until the MX5 wheels are fitted.
  3. Is there any Accountant type folks on here who can just give me some VAT advice? Its not long winded what im after knowing just the Gov.uk Website makes no sense! Thanks
  4. Well, it was a great day at Silverstone. Some cracking cars, and some fun tests. I came 8th overall, which im chuffed to bits at. Looking forward to next years event. Massive thanks to Toyota UK, Vintage Sports Car Club, and Scott Browlee, Toyota PR for a great day. Here is the link to the report on Toyota Blog. https://blog.toyota.co.uk/first-toyota-parallel-pomeroy-trophy-huge-success
  5. Work has started on getting the Aygo prepared ready for competing in the Toyota Sprint Series. I have a set of Mazda MX5 Mk1 Enkei 14" wheels, that im refurbishing, and fitting this next week. Also im converting to wheels studs, as i found the set up a lot better for wheel swaps at the circuit. Here is a few photos of the wheels etc, and also of what tyres ive gone for. Falken 914 in 185/55R14. I've included a photo of the car as it sits at present on its Winter Alloys off a C1. There will be some changes externally soon too, as ive never been keen on the Turquoise that the previous owner had added to the car... More soon!
  6. An up to date photo of mine with its Winter Alloys on. I'm currently refurbishing some Mazda MX5 Mk1 Enkei Alloys for it (Photos are on my Thread for the Car), and they should be on and done for when i go to Silverstone in a couple of weeks time!
  7. Anyone else going to Silverstone on the 16th February for the Parallel Pomeroy Trophy, thats exclusively for Toyota vehicles of any kind? Im putting an entry in, in the Aygo, and i know Ant182 is too More here on Toyota's official blog! https://blog.toyota.co.uk/exclusive-silverstone-event-toyota-owners See you there!
  8. I know of a couple of Supercharged ones that seem to work well as an every day car. Might be worth researching.
  9. Yeah i bet it will be interesting to see how different it is!
  10. Lovely looking car that mate, didn't realise id be in the same class when i get the Blue Beast!
  11. I personally think it will happen more so with cheaper ones off eBay as they are only plated metal, and as soon as you put a wheel nut socket on them, it will scratch the coating and let moisture into the metal and rust the surface. You might be better fining some covers, off eBay for the right size bolts which are 17 or 19mm i think.
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