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  1. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Aygo turbo?

    I know of a couple of Supercharged ones that seem to work well as an every day car. Might be worth researching.
  2. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Yaris 2013 SR 3DR

    OOOOOOOHHHH!!! Go on!....
  3. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Yaris 2013 SR 3DR

    Yeah i bet it will be interesting to see how different it is!
  4. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Yaris 2013 SR 3DR

    Lovely looking car that mate, didn't realise id be in the same class when i get the Blue Beast!
  5. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Wheely need help on this

    I personally think it will happen more so with cheaper ones off eBay as they are only plated metal, and as soon as you put a wheel nut socket on them, it will scratch the coating and let moisture into the metal and rust the surface. You might be better fining some covers, off eBay for the right size bolts which are 17 or 19mm i think.
  6. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Ant182's Toyota Sprint Series car

    🙂 Thats great news!
  7. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Toyota Sprint Series 2019- Toyota Aygo Class J-Street

    The opening round of the Toyota Sprint Series is now OPEN! Its at Cadwell Park, and my entry is in, in the Toyota Aygo, and my mate in his Aygo is also putting his in later too. Plenty to do between now and April 6th, but ill keep a record of it on here, also on our Facebook page @aygoracing If you have any questions about the series, drop me a PM, and ill be glad to help. Thanks
  8. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    2019 Toyota Sprint Series - Opening Round Info

    The opening round at Cadwell Park of the Toyota Sprint Series is now OPEN! Here is a link to the page, come join us in your Toyota for a great days track action! http://www.japanesesprintseries.com/jsprint1/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=74 Any questions, drop me a PM
  9. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Photo of your Aygo!

    A few more i took at the weekend
  10. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Restored my headlights

    If its like myself, then i use some 1200 and then 1800 Wet or Dry to get the imperfections out. And then machine polish, with G3, and some finishing glaze.
  11. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Photo of your Aygo!

    Here is a few more up to date photos of mine, taken last week. More to come once its all ready for the Toyota Sprint Series!
  12. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Xmas Eve Work on the Aygo

    My new number plates came yesterday, so i fitted those last night too. Nothing worse than manky looking number plates! The front end looks a bit mean in that picture!
  13. WoldsMotorsportEngineering


    Hi there, welcome. Any Aygo stuff, give me a shout, as that is what i run. Thanks
  14. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Xmas Eve Work on the Aygo

    So i managed to get my car to my mechanic (best mate, and helps me prep my race car!) over the xmas break. We traced the leak to the manifold gasket, so it was an easy fix in the end. All sorted! Gave it a wash on New Years Eve, and repainted the steel wheels. Hope you all had a good break, back to work today for me. Happy New Year! (PS I also made a small addition to the Aygo as well over the break! Can you spot it!)
  15. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Xmas Eve Work on the Aygo

    Ok, so we have a new cat fitted and my ticking has gone!.... There was a split in it that wasn’t obvious until off the car The only snag now is that it has a blow somewhere. We replaced all gaskets too, so slightly frustrating, but for what an exhaust system costs, that’s next to see if the fact it’s the original 12 year old one may have a split or hole that’s not obvious. No big deal it just sounds a little noisy New discs and pads has sorted the squeaking out when it’s warm and turning left. Discs looked contaminated and a bit of a lip. I think the OS disc was warped to be fair as I don’t get the ever so slight vibration when braking under the pedal now. And finally an engine service was carried out by us too. Genuine filter and ended up just going for the 5w grade over the 0w grade just because I thought it may just be a slight bit too think for my 12 years old 71k engine. I’ll pop another update once the blow on the exhaust is sorted, and finger crossed it sorts it’s self! On that note, have a Merry Christmas folks and if I don’t manage to get on before, have a great New Year.