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  1. On a low traffic run today on the way to school I averaged 42.5 mpg on a 4 mile journey so I was thinking that the low mpg is due to the other times when traffic is usually bad?
  2. I switched it of recirc and not much better.
  3. I did use one of these once on my old car. Didn't seem to work that well. Might try it again. The issue is not when I get into car, it is while driving. If I switch off demister for 1 minute the windscreen and windows seem to steam up again.
  4. Does it have to go on the dashboard though? . Doesn't look particularly nice..
  5. Still monitoring them fuel consumption. I think it must be the city driving unfortunately. Anyone know what I can do about the windows steaming up all the time? . It's driving me mad. Have to have the demister on all the time.
  6. Thanks furtula. Yes I removed the battery. I read that you should depress the brake to release any electrical discharge. Not sure how true that is. Let's see if it makes a difference. Hearing mixed things whilst reading online.
  7. Quick question. I took out the negative battery terminal and pressed on the barked and reconnected the terminal 13 minutes later. The mpg info has reset but the radio is still setup. Does that mean that the ECU hasn't reset?
  8. Thank you. I am going to try and reset the ECU tomorrow. Do I just need to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes?
  9. I just went through the manual and it doesn't mention any of the conditions but just found one of your previous posts that lists the conditions.
  10. I also noticed that my stop start feature didn't work at all today on two 14 Mile A roads and motorway journeys. Is that normal? My average mpg today was 35 mpg aswell which is quite low considering.
  11. I bought the car from Toyota Oxford so I am assuming they did a full technical check before selling the car. They did mention it. They also serviced the vehicle not long before that. Does resetting ecu really work and do I just disconnect battery positive answer negative cables?
  12. Even with me driving in a light footed manner doesn't make much difference. Some of that driving was with undrinflated tyres. I inflated them 4 days ago and today they were lower already. Is that normal? Is it possible to gauge if there is anything wrong by looking at the instant mpg? Might call the dealer that I bought the car from and mention the brakes as I can still hear a slight grinding noise sometimes.
  13. So just to update I filled the tank up with £51.03 of petrol at £1.259 a Litres with 231 so that is a poor 25.909 MPG. I'll be honest, that is not good at all. I was hoping for at worst 30 Mpg.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I am assuming most of your journeys are not short trips if you are achieving that mpg. The trip computer on any runs without traffic that we do does look better. I suppose I should try and get my wife to use the stop start more aswell. Can't hurt. I pumped the tyres to 34 psi each, maybe I will increase them and check the 2 weekly or if the Tpsi lights up.
  15. You might be right. When I am on the motorway the trip computer is showing 42ish mpg. Would I be correct in thinking that it would be lower if there was a problem? Also, when I bought the car I noticed a grinding nose noise when braking. I called up the dealer and they he said said that it was because of rush on the brakes as the car had been left undriven for a while.