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  1. the trailer has a over bonnet tyre rack. So unfortunately not a possibility. Nor does the trailer have any adjustment in the hitch. Its either new springs or a new car. So will give the springs an upgrade over the winter and see how it sits. Its unfortunate as i love the car for pottering around town and parking. Which is near impossible with the fuel guzzling L200's and navara's
  2. That was supposed to say handbrake* not tow bar.
  3. Excuse the amazing drawing that took the whole of 2 seconds to complete. Currently the trailer is towing nose down.Which is making the rear sag. Which is also angling the door into the path of the tow bar. it currently hits about 10-20mm up the back door. So once the rear end angle/sag is removed it should give me that clearance.
  4. Just received an update: The milner off road springs will be back in stock 17th of December. I am going to wait for them to come back in store. Hopefully the combination of tougher springs & the 12 year old wear and tear on the current ones it should give me the height clearance required.
  5. I had some joy after numerous searching tirelessly through forums. American 3rd row seat rear springs V6 4WD Part Number: 48231-0R050 Additional Ride height a couple of centre-meters and an increase in spring stiffness from the original springs: 493 lb/in, and the stiffer springs are 736 lb/in. I have found 1 place that has them in stock and are willing to ship to the UK: https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/oem/toyota~spring~coil~rr~48231-0r050.html Cost: 2x springs £134.30 shipping + £53.30 Total Cost: £187.60 Another cheaper option i have found: Email sent for estimated time they will be back in stock. https://www.milneroffroad.com/toyota-uk/rav4/ala30-2-2td-5-door-112005-122012/ala30-suspension-0/ala30-suspension-coil-spring-rear-pair-obk-20-stronger Progressive springs also another option: http://mad-suspension.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=1&sort=p.model&order=ASC
  6. if the rear end raises it will level the rear of the car when the trailer is hitched. Meaning the rear door does not swing at a downwards angle towards the trailer handbrake as it is doing at the moment with the rear end sag. Giving me the couple of millimetres of lift that is required for it to miss the handbrake. & making it a much more pleasure-able towing experience. I see a post on another forum regarding 4WD 3rd row seat models having slightly longer (20mm springs) & stiffer springs. Anyone know a part number ? or where i could possibly find one.
  7. The 2.2 D4D has a towing capacity of 2000kg braked.
  8. Hello all, Apologies for my first post asking for info. I have been on this forum many times looking at how too's but have become stuck on my latest endeavour. I bought my Rav4 2006 2.2 D4D approximately 12 months ago after passing my towing license. I have been using it the last 12 month to tow a car to local racing events (60 mile round trip). I seem to be suffering with rear end sag. I have added some grayston spring assisters which have helped considerably but when hitched the rear door doesn't open very far due to hitting on the trailer handbrake (Rav 4 tow bar height to centre of ball-1 420mm) To remove the temporary fix of the spring assisters i had planned to putting some heavier duty springs and hopefully raise the rear end to counter the sag and get the trailer to tow flat and the rear door to miss the handbrake on the trailer (only hits by a couple of millimetres). Car+Trailer weighs around 1700kg and have already tried different combinations of moving the car backwards on the trailer in order to remove some nose weight and level the trailer out. Does anyone know any heavier duty springs which can be fitted and where they can be found from ? I have been searching through online forums for a good couple of hours with no joy.