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  1. Youtube: search "Liamautomechanic" and you will find videos about d4d alternator repair.
  2. Probably the brushes in alternator are worn out... I don´t know for sure about T25 but maybe right drive shaft have to be removed to take the alternator out. I had same issue in last winter in my T27. I was too lazy to remove the drive shaft so I just took the alternator bolts off and turned it around and installed new brushes. If you´re not d.i.y.- person just ignore above... and below
  3. After watching Safi´s video I have to say that idling sound is quite ok but revving sound is terrible. The amount of smoke is really too high! And the color of smoke is abnormal? I wish I could tell what is wrong with this engine but I´m sorry I can´t. My cautious guess: coolant is leaking inside cylinder(s) causing that grey smoke and bad sound?
  4. Welcome to Avensis Club! I would say everything is possible depending on how much work you want to do. If you´re lucky the seat swap is just bolt on-job, but I doubt... I´m not sure but I think there are originally leather seats in some T25 models? Let´s wait other comments...
  5. Is it really so simple to clean DPF? I have read "horror stories" about expensive replacing when DPF is blocked... Anyway, I find it hard to believe that head gasket leak would have caused DPF blockage. In this case the car has been working fine before hg-job; no warning lights, etc.
  6. If the remaining wires in your car are long enough to reach with soldering iron you can just solder any new connector there and isolate wires with heath shrink for example. It does not have to be genuine Toyota connector... But if those wires can´t be reached, then you may have to go to Mr T. And I´m afraid the only possibility then is to get the hole new wiring harness inside the front light. Or maybe even new front light? By the way, have you checked if your dlr reflectors are melted above bulbs? I assume your car does not have led drls?
  7. Hello! I have driven over 360000 km (total 376000) my own T25 (1,6 gasoline) and no worries with engine so far. I think the oil consumption problem was at T22 (facelift with first vvt-i engines). The only things I would worry about in T25 are lower suspension arms. Well known fact is that they get rusty. And if not taking care of they don´t pass the mot and replacing is expensive. Of course there may be other issues too when that much kilometres (wheel bearings, shock absorbers, etc). This car seems nice but maybe you should take a good look from underneath to see if everything is ok. And finally: I have my prejudices about those but it has nothing to do with your car purchase. Good luck!
  8. You may have brushes worn out in your alternator? Not so expensive fault. If you are d.i.y. there is an easy way to try to test (if you´re not d.i.y.- person, just skip following): Knock the alternator side with wooden stick and little hammer. The brushes may move a little and get contact again for a while.I did that to my T27 and was able to drive at least 50 km with working alternator. I replaced brushes myself later. Other possibility: charge battery and drive to workshop. They have tools to measure the alternator. You may also have fault charging regulator. Should not be too expensive too.
  9. If there is nobody sitting, just put the middle belt on? Or you could use that adapter (extender, meant for child seat) to silence the buzzer. I´m afraid the trip meter trick does not work in this case (T27).
  10. I have to agree. Sounds that this garage really does not know what to do. I think you should soon take the car to Mr T to avoid further damages. They may want to do the whole job again from the beginning (if they agree to accept your car). Payer of Mr T bill should be this garage. You should only pay the originally agreed amount to the garage. And what about the fact that you have been without a car for a long time; perhaps some rebate? Hopefully this garage has insurance...
  11. As far as I know there is 3 different thickness of head gaskets available. The new one should be chosen according to how much they have skimmed. Clearance between piston and head is made with the gasket. So if the new gasket is too thin damages could have happened. Is it so that this mechanic has not checked the details of the skim before installing the new gasket? Sounds bad... Hopefully you get this issue fixed without the big money loss!
  12. Hello Safi! Local Toyota dealer´s workshop boss told me that they have had several cases where some minor workshops have tried the h-g job engine in place and after the failure the car was finally brought to them. Avensis engine compartment is so tight that it is very difficult to get it done properly. There is great danger that there will be leaks (seals are not properly inserted, bolts or nuts are loose), etc. I have heard that even new head gasket has been damaged during installation. Of course you have to let this mechanic try to correct his mistake but if it seems hopeless then you must turn to Mr T.
  13. Do you know if there was any strange noises when engine stopped? Engine running poorly before stopping, etc... Is the h-g job done engine in place? If so there may be something loose (wire, hose,...). It is really difficult to succeed when engine in place.