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  1. avetoy

    Problem solving

    Webasto is general name to me for extra heater that uses car fuel... This heater is handy when weather is freezing. Warms engine up faster. It heats the coolant and inside the heater are some o-rings which may leak. Repair man told that too...
  2. avetoy

    Problem solving

    Local Toyota repair man said to me: if coolant expansion tank is black inside, then there is head gasket leaking. One possibility to leak is that extra heater (webasto). If you have it in your car...
  3. avetoy

    2010 Avensis 2.0 D4d aircon bypass

    My T27 2,0 D4D had same problem... Terrible rattling noise when idling. When I pushed the pedal a little bit, no noise. First I thought that the timing chain has gone bad, but then I listened carefully with rubber hose and noticed that the noise is coming from a/c compressor pulley. When rotating the pulley by hand it came out that there were too much clearance between pulley and that metal plate which is bolted to compressor shaft. Inside the pulley are some rubber dampers and they must have gone bad... I searched this forum for help and found this topic. I watched the video above and had an idea! I extruded some elastic sealant inside the pulley through the metal plate holes (12) and after 24 hrs drying no clearance, no noise. This is temporarily repair, but interesting to see how long it lasts... Hope this will help others with pulley problems...
  4. off topic, but that´s so very true here in Finland too!
  5. Cheap cars, I have to say too! I can´t give any advice which to buy but my old T 25, 1.6 VVT-i (2004) has done 375 000 km (over 230000 miles) and still going! The biggest repair was right front wheel bearing. Brake pads several times and discs twice. Still, very cheap driving...
  6. Hello everybody! My problem is integrated headlights washer. Is there any possibility to make it work by separate button? My old T25 had that button... edit: the bulbs are halogen..