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  1. First symptoms in my car was excessive pressure in the expansion tank and then lack of coolant. Finally the cabin heater did not blow warm air anymore. However, the engine ran well all the time. I filled the system just with water while waiting to get to the repair shop (Mr. T). I asked to have the old gasket as a souvenir and they showed me the spot which had leaked. Very tiny groove between 3rd and 4th cylinders.
  2. Hard to say what is the average... As far as I know there have been less than 100000 km (62137 miles) on the clock and gasket is broken. My 2.0 D4D had 330000 km (205052 miles) before hg job. If the hg job is done "by the book" it is quite laborious and therefore expensive. By the way, there has been many cases when Mr. T have replaced the entire engine under warranty because it has been cheaper to them. I think the extended warranty for D4D (2.0 and 2.2) engines around here was 7 years or 200000 km (124274 miles)...
  3. I have always thought that T27 does not have such rust issues, at least at so low miles like this. If MOT is coming, those faults must of course be fixed. Like Inpresmoj said it is hard to get reasonable price without MOT. There is one thing I like to remind: since your car is D4D there is a great possibility that head gasket job is coming too (if not done already). That will be very expensive too... I don´t mean to scare you, but it has happened to me (and many others)!
  4. I wonder how that shaft could have been bent... Or could it just be faulty inner joint? Anyway, it is good that you found a responsible mechanic!
  5. Perhaps this is a silly idea (again), but what if you would lift the front wheels off the ground and place the supports as near the wheels as possible so the drive shafts would be at a normal angle. Then you (or a friend) could "drive" the car at different speeds and check if there are any symptoms?
  6. That would probably have been a waste of money? I don´t know what the price level is around here, but £200 for dyno test sounds too expensive anyway.
  7. Same experience here. Toyota mechanic told me that if he would adjust the wheel alignments so that there would be no tracking at all, I have to be prepared excessive tire wear. I believed him, he has T27 station wagon too... I did once own a Celica and it had some problems with front calibers (slide pins). The brakes were a little jammed and as they got hot they jammed more and caused vibrations. But that was just very obvious. Have you tried to drive on a dynamometer?
  8. My T27 has 420000 km on the clock and the headlights would need some polishing or maybe even replacement. I would like to know if any of you had some experience about polishing? I have seen the videos about tooth paste method, WD40, etc. Are those even worth to try?
  9. Many years ago my previous T25 had howling noise during driving at road speed... I knew it´s the wheel bearing but I was not sure which wheel. So I borrowed a stethoscope from a friend and with that it was easy to find out. Another way would be to use some wooden stick: put the other end to wheel hub bearing housing and press your ear gently to the other end . Ask a friend to spin the wheel. These methods are almost the same than Mr. Konrad suggested...
  10. I´m glad your problems have solved! I would not have believed that Avensis is so picky about shock absorbers...
  11. Thanks for the tips Tony! I still want the daylight sensor so the drl would be automatic. And I would use round lights to make them fit in place of the fog lights (I never use the fog lights). One other thing: I want the side lights to be on with drl. It is possible by the law here.
  12. Thanks for the replies so far! I know, and that is why I´m wondering if Toyota would have used different wiring harnesses. I do have an other Avensis (2012) with drl and probably different harness because it is facelift model, so I won´t bother to compare those. Maybe it would be easier to use some relays, daylight sensor, etc to make drl work. What about the benefits, why bother? In my case it is just the look and joy of doing something. Challenging yourself...
  13. I would like to have drl to my 2009 Avensis and I think I could install them by myself. But before I start, here is few questions for her/him who has perhaps done that job: Is the harness in 2009 model the same as 2012, meaning is there a place for drl relay too in older model? What about day light sensor? Of course I could use extra relays etc to make drl working but if there were possible to use car´s own wiring to help... I would be grateful for any information!
  14. According to some spare part catalogs, at least the bearing is the same in all 1,6 - 2,0 T25 petrol models. The 2,4 petrol and 2,2 diesel models bearings are different, I think... Same thing with the stub axle then, perhaps?
  15. That´s right. If you "drove" on the dynamometer could at least a possible front axle fail be found.
  16. Is there a possibility to examine the car with a dynamometer?
  17. Is there any effect if you lightly push the brake pedal during driving? What if you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal at that (40-50) speed? I don´t know anything about cvt, but is it possible to roll freely? Perhaps even engine turned off...
  18. I had the same problem in my first Avensis (T22), but it only caused overheating the brake disc. The more heating the more stucking... I´m sure you can do it! And there are a lot of videos on that topic on Youtube.
  19. This may sound stupid, but what if your tires are oval? I have had such problems in the past... Those tires can be balanced and the machine tells everything is fine but they still are horrible to drive. Nowadays I stand next to the machine and watch carefully that the tires are round when fitted. Of course it would be quite rare for both summer and winter tires to be oval...
  20. Welcome Mykolas! I think the most important is whether the head gasket job is done or not. If not, with those kilometres it may become topical soon. Or not, if you´re lucky! You would have to check it from the maintenance log or seller or previous owners. It is quite expensive repair!
  21. That is absolutely true! Good tip! If you´re gonna do the plug job by yourself, perhaps you should still get a proper tool because you must not drop the new plug in its place (surely you already knew this).
  22. Changing the spark plugs is worth to try. Denso SC16HR11 from Aeromotors for examble... cheaper than Mr T or even Motonet.
  23. You are right about that. Best way to do the job is to drop entire engine and transmission out of the car. Then the head is easier to remove, and of course to install as well. And yes, the head needs machining. I can´t see why this engine head would be any worse to machine than others...
  24. Type 2ADFTV will probably fit to the bay and gearbox etc... But I´m almost certain that your car electrical harness and ECU won´t fit to 2ADFTV. Have you considered replacing the head gasket to your original engine? The amount of work is almost the same and by new gasket you know for sure that everything is fine... I´ve been told that every 2AD (1AD as well) engine has head gasket problem, sooner or later.
  25. I would also want to know whether the matter has been resolved or not. I strongly doubt there must have been fault (too much clearance) in the wheel bearing too... Due to the heating of the brake disc, crease has burned out of the bearing.
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