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  1. Jon A.

    Windshield washer hose valve

    From what i can find on the internet this looks more like a Volvo valve, and like you said Eygo, no arrows visible on this one. Bit confusing this was on the car.
  2. Jon A.

    Windshield washer hose valve

    To whoever wondering, found this kind of valve. Not sure if original.
  3. Jon A.

    Windshield washer hose valve

    Thanks for the replies!
  4. Jon A.

    Windshield washer hose valve

    Hey guys! Is anyone able to confirm if this is the type of windshield hose valve that Auris (2014) has? Washer is not spraying in front, but working for lights and back. Dont have access to the car now but suspect it’s the valve that needs replacement?
  5. Jon A.

    12 V battery check on display

    not much on the other page as well but i'll try to play around with it (hopefully without problems).
  6. Jon A.

    12 V battery check on display

    Thank you it worked, any tips where i could find 12 v battery diagnostic? Wouldn’t want to click to mistakes. dont think this is in the manual.
  7. Jon A.

    12 V battery check on display

    Hey does anyone know the sequence to display 12 V battery health on display for 2014 auris ts hybrid? There are some prius videos on YT where they press a button while blinking headlights three times etc but none of these seem to work for this model.
  8. Jon A.

    Flickering license plate bulbs

    Thanks all, Indeed, changed the LED bulb to a new one - works like a charm. althoug when trying to open up managed to damage the plastic base that holds the cover, resulting in a slightly loose cover (not being able to lock in the position tightly). Beware everyone:D
  9. Jon A.

    Flickering license plate bulbs

    update: switched the bulbs, then none of them were working. probably one of the LED was faulty but as well might be something wrong with wires. the problem with the latter though, there's no access to the wires or at least not sure how to disassemble the whole thing. will try a new bulb meanwhile.
  10. hey all, wonder if anyone had experience with flickering license place bulbs with Toyota Auris (TS)? i assume i could switch the bulbs to see if the flickering persists, but maybe there's a well known or common problem-solution ? thanks for sharing if so, happy driving everyone