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  1. Thanks guys - it shows an in line fuse so I'll check that tomorrow. Great help thanks Ollie
  2. Hi all, I bought a '58 plate Rav XTr 2.2 D4D about 4 weeks ago - absolutely over the moon with it - performance and economy. Everything works except for the fitted parking sensors. There is a switch in the boot - which I have tried in both on and off positions. I've looked for the fuse but there doesn't seem to be a designated fuse. Also, if working - does the sound come out of the stereo? Everything else, on the vehicle works so I assume it must share a fuse (or maybe in-line?). Would like to get them working but not sure what to do next. Could anyone give me any pointers/advice? Thanks Ollie
  3. Thanks for letting me join the forums - what I've seen so far is very interesting Olliejm