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  1. lad, again you are wasting your time trying to make the 1.3 cynos fast. n/a tuning costs serious money. anything you can do for cheap will not make any power. your only option really is to swap in a 5efe/5efhe or else a 4efte
  2. first of all, bigger isn't better. you cant burn more fuel unless you can get more air in there. a port or polished head might help very slightly but not enough to use bigger injectors. you will not get 150 bhp from the 4efe. its possible if you spend 10 grand maybe. your best bet for power gains is to fit the 4efte from the turbo starlet.
  3. yeah I wouldnt worry about the headwork... just the exhaust
  4. hey im in waterford too... dunmore east!. dont see why it would fail the nct unless it increased the emmissions or made it too loud. if it is pre- 1994 (i think) they only test it for emmissions on idle due to most cars of that era not having a cat standard. same could be true for noise but im not sure. im in the same boat... need to nct my sera in a week or so and it has a cat back. hope it passes
  5. you could sell me the damaged one... i have cash waiting. im in waterford. roscosera@hotmail.com
  6. u want everything from an ae111 corolla 20v, levin or trueno. mainly only available to the jdm
  7. Aye, it will. The Starlet turbo option is a factory built, proven engine that drops straight in. There are plenty of people who have gone a different route with the Sera and lived to regret it. I KNOW...... im one of them!
  8. im rosco on andrews site, needless to say there has been no word on that site either. it was kind of a rhetorical question anyway...... i knew it wouldnt be built because people talk a load of *******. its very easy to dream up a project...especially one as fancifull and far fetched as this one.
  9. well....... is this project underway yet or what?? lol
  10. everything under my bonnet is now for sale. 3sgte gen 3 with lsd gearbox. everything converted for fwd. pm for price.
  11. firewall doesnt need to be modded for either engine, but the master cylinder defo has to be relocated for the 3sgte. it does in the sera anyway. also, you may have to modify the subframe on the passenger side to accomadate the gearbox (on the 3sgte at least)
  12. Awesome thanks alot for you guys help ! I think i will put a starlet turbo engine in, it sounds like the best option. IMO you should built it up as a 1,5 Turbo! Putting out around 220-240hp should be very possible at a reasonable cost! reasonable cost? you'd have to use a bigger turbo etc. also uprate the fuel and spark system,new ecu, cost of building the engine etc.etc.... it'll cost a lot mate
  13. im convinced i can finish it now.... im just back to square one as reguards engine mounts, but i'm going to try to finish it. god damn money is the problem!!! while were on the subject dawesey, did the supercharged driveshafts fit straight into the turbo gearbox, or did you only use the outer drives or something?? cheers again for the help
  14. im in college for the week, and cant view any pictures on the college computers. yeah, the engine has already been repositioned once. it was sitting with the sump very low to the ground. then we tilted the top of the engine forewards, bringing the drives closer into line, but still at too much of an angle. heres the thing, from what i can see, the big inlet manifold will hit the master cylinder if it goes back any more. did you have this problem? and is it a big deal to relocate the master cylinder?? where the throttle body is on top of the engine will be sticking up proud of the bonnet as it is, so maybe a custom inlet manifold is the answer. i know it would cost mega money to get one fabricated..... but im handy enough at tig welding.....stainless and aluminium. could i do it myself, or is it something that should be left to the professionals??? i know the big idea is to get even distrobution of air to each port.... is this hard to achieve?? sorry if im asking you about stuff u have no experience with. myour help is greatly appreciated anyway dawesy man
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