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  1. Funny you mention it, i never said on the post but i noticed the dive in fuel efficiency after i filled up at a recently opened manless "go" petrol station. The car starts, runs and drives fine, just feels a little more docile than normal, especially in lower pre-vvti rpm. Another friend suggested it could be a dirty fuel filter, i don't see how this could cause the issue but i'll replace it anyway for all they cost. I don't believe its a maintenance thing such as spark plugs or air filter as the fuel drop was immediate, not something thats gotten worse, but the plugs are around 15k miles old so will replace them while i'm there.
  2. Hi Guys, Car : 2004 1.4vvti corolla Roughly 3 weeks ago my car took a nose drive in MPG, going from about 340miles to a tank to struggling to reach 260. The extra fuel usage is very evident when travelling at speeds around or above 60mph (2800rpm+ in 5th gear) I've been told this could be caused by clogged air filter, faulty MAF or damaged O2 sensors. There is no EML on and the car drives fine but feels a little more sluggish than normal/ I've checked the air filter and its clean (relatively speaking) i cleaned some dirt and oil residue from the MAF and neither seemed to have changed the MPG issue. After looking online and speaking to a mechanic friend i was told you can test the o2 sensor by measuring the resistance, i checked the pre-cat o2 sensor (been told the pre-cat sensor is the one that usually fails) and got a reading of around 8.1 ohms, which i believe is within tolerance (can someone confirm this?) I've yet to test or check the post cat o2 sensor as i've had limited time to crawl under the car. What would be your recommendation for the next step to find the issue?
  3. Hi folks, I've a 2004 1.4 Corolla, have read online about how people get good performance gains by installing 1zz-fe intake manifold, throttle body and injectors to the 4zz The question is, most people who perform these mods do it to a 4zz-fe engine where mine's a 4zz-s52, will the 1zz manifold, throttle body and injectors still bolt in and work without needing additional parts or ECU work? And can anyone tell me what the differences between the 4zz-fe and the 4zz-a52 are? Thanks