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  1. As above, in need of the drivers front and nearside rear. pm , Thanks, if you can provide all 4 that will be good to thanks again.
  2. Does it drop below the cold start rpm? (1500rpm) when heated up?
  3. Not bad at all, i'll have a look at those links, as always thanks 😁 Oh, i bought a gasket kit off eBay for 27 quid. bargin
  4. So, I've been wondering what the stock 2ZZ internals can take, and does anyone know of someone that's pushed one to braking point? Let me know 🧐
  5. Thanks , I'm about to message him/her 😃
  6. Yo. Still got parts for the Corolla TS?
  7. Greetings, i'm in need of a 2ZZ-GE cylinder head, i have a spare, but its with my machinist. Even if its damaged real bad with nothing on it. It's for mocking up purposes. Direct message me or contact me via 07400411177 thanks, Dread..... ' ps: the midlands would be a treat to, i'll be able to collect
  8. Flash22 thank you so much for your help.👌👍
  9. Yeah, thats the one. those are the same timing marks I used.....oh, two timing chains for one engine hahaha, that would explain a lot. Its definitely a timing issue!!!
  10. Yes, flash22.....i had the crankshaft machined, it was from another engine i bought. It was a 2ZZ. the chain on the camshaft timing marks is nine links away from each other in the Corolla 2ZZ factory manual. Hmmmmmmmm, this is bugging me out, especially this is the 4th time ill be taking the engine out
  11. Has anyone on here rebuilt their engine (Corolla) T Sport, but replace the crank with a gen 7 Celica 2zz crankshaft? Did it work? I'd really like to know. Because I did, and I have no compression in any of the cylinders, which leads me to the knowledge of the crankshafts being slightly different. Before you ask, I used the UK spec workshop manual. One thing I also noticed was it stated in the manual the timing chain should have 3 yellow marks, the Corolla one had two yellow and one orange. So, are the cranks different?
  12. Defo an ABS problem......
  13. Thank you very much. 😁💥👍🏾