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  1. Hi Matt Thanks again for responding, so the injectors can all be checked while they are still in situ and there was no need to remove them at all is that correct? It is ridiculous that they removed them at all, obviously it is a money making scheme. I suppose it is possible that they may not have removed them at all, found another problem, resolved that, and are just looking to rip me off. I shall be going up there this week hopefully with my mechanic to talk to them, and i will have a look under the bonnet to see what they have removed, and ask them why. If the values of the injectors were incorrect on the obd2, would they then have to remove them to get them checked, or would the read out be conclusive? Regards Dave
  2. Many thanks to Matt and Lee for your responses to my problem, just to put you guys in the frame, the story has moved on a bit since. I had taken the car to my local garage who i trust implicitly, and they looked at the car but could not come up with a definate diagnosis, but did say that fuel pressure was showing a bit low and suggested taking the car to a specialist diesel garage, so the owner and myself delivered it ourselves, and told the garage owner to diagnose the problem and give one of us a call so we could decide how to proceed. We heard nothing for seven days or so, then my garage had a call to say that they had removed all the injectors, which had taken them five hours, due to stubborn injector removal and having to remove camshafts and housing to get the sealing washers out. they then said they had all 4 of the injectors tested at £25 each (£100), and that all 4 are bad and would need to be replaced. This work has been carried out without my authorization, so how do i stand with that. As I work in a shop i have 1or 2 mechanics come in, and after a chat with one of these guys, he said if all 4 were bad, the car would not run normally once it had started. I was then talking to another guy who i know quite well, who has a friend who is in the motor trade, and who buys and sells cars, and could be interested in mine, and he has a good friend who works at bosch on diesel fuel system repairs, who he contacted and was told that no way would it be 4 bad injectors, he had recently sorted out an avensis with the same engine, and exactly the same problem, and it turned out to be the injector pump needed to be re programmed. I am going to chat with my local garage tomorrow and see how he feels about it. I also found out through a local contact that the injectors have not been tested at the nearest possible place to the diesel specialst, which i would have thought would make sense. Sorry to waffle on with this thread, but i thought you would need to know the whole story before you can advise me on the problem. So, do you feel that the problem would be 4 bad injectors, if so how would the car run if it were. I plan to ask them where they got the injectors tested, so shall i ask for the so called bad injectors back and have them tested myself. I have no plan to be paying them for the work i did not authorize, but my car is in pieces on their property so they hold all the cards at the moment. Some advise from you guys on this forum would be invaluable to me at this trying time. Regards Dave
  3. Hi Frosty Thank you, nice to be part of this forum.
  4. Hi Guys , I have a problem with my wifes 2005 Rav4 XT4 D4D as follows: The car starts when cold, albeit after 10 seconds of cranking and a gradual firing up and once started runs as well as it ever has. The problem i have is that if you stop, say for fuel, after the engine has reached normal running temperature, and go to restart the engine it will not fire up. The engine cranks over ok, but will not fire up. If you walk away and leave it for about 20 minutes, it will then restart ok. I would say that the battery and starter motor are both alright judging by the speed it turns over, but refuses to fire up regardless of how you use the throttle pedal when trying to restart the engine. If i restart the engine before it reaches operating temperature, it starts fine, its only trying to restart the engine when it has warmed up. any help you guys can offer me would be gratefully received. regards Dave
  5. Hi all, new to this forum with a Rav4 problem, so hoping to get a lot of good advice from all you knowledgeable members out there.
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