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  1. I have just had my clutch and slave cylinder replaced and it made a lot of difference. Car is really nice to drive now. Not a cheap job - likely to be £650+
  2. I've had my 2009 1.0L IQ2 for 3 years, and in all this time it has been hesitant and jerky when pulling away from a standstill and has had a pretty bad acceleration flat spot between 2000 and 3000 rpm. One impact of this was I had to drop down to first gear on some steep hills, particularly near the start of a drive. The car has been regularly serviced, so I assumed that either the clutch was starting to go or the flat spot was just something you had to live with. I tried cleaning the MAP sensor and the PCV valve and even using Wynn's cleaner for O2/Lambda sensors, but it made little difference. Then after raising the problem on this forum, Andy (Ch299) walked me through a procedure for cleaning the aluminium plate that sits on the inlet manifold, which has small tubes that become blocked with carbon. Essentially, the early catalytic converters (up to mid 2010) took dirty (full of carbon particles) air and fed it via the aluminium plate into the EGR valve. Over time 2 of the 3 small tubes in the aluminium plate become blocked, and this has a devastating effect on the car's performance. In 2010 they changed the design of the cat to address the problem. Some dealers retro-fitted new cats, but with the age of the cars now, there's no chance of this any more. The solution is to remove the plate, unblock the tubes and clean out all the carbon deposits. It's not a difficult job, but it takes time (0.5 - 1 day) and involves: Removing the wiper assembly and the panel(s) beneath it Removing the throttle body Removing the intake manifold Removing and cleaning the EGR valve Cleaning the aluminium plate, and particularly unblocking the tubes on the first 2 cylinders Installing new gaskets Reassembing Topping up coolant The car then needs to relearn it's idle which takes a few minutes, with lots of clouds of vapour. The total cost was only about £25 for the gaskets, a can of carb cleaner and some coolant fluid (total around £35), but the difference is amazing. The car pulls away smoothly now, and there is no flat spot at all. The performance is so much improved! The steep, slow hill I had to go up in first gear, I can happily do in 2nd now The problem will eventually reoccur (but it should take a few years), and can only be fully resolved by fitting the new design of cat. These are available for around £200 with fitting kit and are reasonably easy to fit. I plan to do in the near future. If you have a 2009 or early 2010 1.0L IQ and are experiencing any of the problems I detailed, give it a try.
  3. Thanks flash22. IQ is a 2009 model and just serviced. Mileage is 75000 and plugs changed at 68,000 with standard plugs with correct gaps. Just cleaned MAF sensor and PCV valve too. I'm left with a flat spot as accelerate at approx 2000rpm I'll try changing the cat and see what difference this makes. If I need to clean the EGR valve, is this possible without disassembling the inlet manifold?
  4. I have a 2009 1.0 IQ and have been experiencing flat spots, which I believe are being caused by the blocked pipe on the catalytic converter. I have purchased a replacement but am now looking to see how I can access the current one to remove it. (There is no way Toyota would have replaced it free of charge as the IQ has no dealer service history). Does anyone have any experience of doing this? I have seen videos of changing the cat on an Aygo, but the radiator layout is different and removing the bumper provides less access. Does the radiator need to be removed to provide sufficient access - and if so does anyone have step by step guide for this? All help greatly appreciated
  5. U removed mine recently and put masking tape on the edge of the wing. Bumper pulled away, outwards. You sort of pull gently from wheel arch side, peel and twist a bit. It's all very solid so nothing should break
  6. How much are you looking for, for the wheels & tyres? Thanks. Chris
  7. Thanks Soeley. I'll go and get a quote locally
  8. What was the quote? The paint covering is a bit strange and as it's a chrome finish, difficult to match, I'd imagine
  9. The alloy wheels on my 2009 IQ2 are starting to bubble on the front and back surfaces. Can anyone recommend a set of reasonably-priced aftermarket replacements in the same size. There does not seem to be any point buying second hand Toyota wheels as corrosion seems to affect most wheels, it seems.
  10. Does anyone have a spare passenger door in good condition, or know anywhere I could get one? I'm not having any luck at breakers yards Thanks Chris
  11. Thanks flash22 - I'm just going to grab some GT85 and give it a try Just tried it sand no difference unfortunately. I think the motor has had it..
  12. The window on the driver's side door on my 2009 IQ2 jammed last week. I took it apart and found the window regulator had self-destructed. Bought new one online which is an updated design to original - and probably much better for it and attached old window motor. Unfortunately the motor is now intermittent. When it does work, it winds the window down OK, but struggles to wind it up. I'm guessing that the regulator problem probably caused damage to the motor. I have replaced the brushes in the motor to see if that would help, and greased the motor mechanism, but no improvement, so I guess I need a new motor. Does anyone have a spare, or know where I could get one (not at main dealer prices!)? EBay showing one for £150 at the moment 😞 Does anyone know if an Aygo motor would be compatible? They're cheap in comparison. Many thanks Chris
  13. It's probably the electrical connector under the passenger seat. Have a look under the seat and press the yellow connector together. Pushing seat back on runners can help. That should sort the warning light.
  14. Checked with Technician at local Toyota dealer and they confirmed that you can't adjust the idle speed. 😞
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