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  1. U removed mine recently and put masking tape on the edge of the wing. Bumper pulled away, outwards. You sort of pull gently from wheel arch side, peel and twist a bit. It's all very solid so nothing should break
  2. How much are you looking for, for the wheels & tyres? Thanks. Chris
  3. Thanks Soeley. I'll go and get a quote locally
  4. What was the quote? The paint covering is a bit strange and as it's a chrome finish, difficult to match, I'd imagine
  5. The alloy wheels on my 2009 IQ2 are starting to bubble on the front and back surfaces. Can anyone recommend a set of reasonably-priced aftermarket replacements in the same size. There does not seem to be any point buying second hand Toyota wheels as corrosion seems to affect most wheels, it seems.
  6. Does anyone have a spare passenger door in good condition, or know anywhere I could get one? I'm not having any luck at breakers yards Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks flash22 - I'm just going to grab some GT85 and give it a try Just tried it sand no difference unfortunately. I think the motor has had it..
  8. The window on the driver's side door on my 2009 IQ2 jammed last week. I took it apart and found the window regulator had self-destructed. Bought new one online which is an updated design to original - and probably much better for it and attached old window motor. Unfortunately the motor is now intermittent. When it does work, it winds the window down OK, but struggles to wind it up. I'm guessing that the regulator problem probably caused damage to the motor. I have replaced the brushes in the motor to see if that would help, and greased the motor mechanism, but no improvement, so I g
  9. It's probably the electrical connector under the passenger seat. Have a look under the seat and press the yellow connector together. Pushing seat back on runners can help. That should sort the warning light.
  10. Checked with Technician at local Toyota dealer and they confirmed that you can't adjust the idle speed. 😞
  11. Great idea! Does it fit tightly in the original cup holder?
  12. Agree with you entirely - very difficult to read. Relies on pouring in the right amount using measuring jug.
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to adjust the idle speed on a 1.0 litre engine? Mine is just a bit too low and sends a judder through the car at idle.
  14. My IQ wheels are badly corroded with the original 'paint' bubbling in places. I have tried to remove with paint stripper, but it has no effect on the coating. Does anyone know what the standard IQ2 (2009) wheels are coated in? Is it powder coat?? If so, does anyone know how to remove it. Sanding the whole layer off would take forever. Any suggestions appreciated.
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