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  1. SEarch for Brodit brackets. They do brackets for just about every car and have ones thsat can be fitted to "A" pillars, or centre consoles. Not cheap but they are excellent and do not fail.
  2. Cars are not accident prone. Drivers are.
  3. Hi folks, I swapped from Skoda to a 66-reg Prius Business Edition+ just before Christmas. It's on 15" wheels, but had a can of gunk in the boot. Said that was a deal-breaker so nice dealer provided spare wheel and rest of gubbins within the price. But, it does eat some boot space, which I can live with. Absolutely delighted with the ride, space, economy, kit and, well, just about everything. The LED headlights are simply superb compared to the candles on my 2015 Skoda. Auto headlights? Had them for years on Peugeot, Volvo, Skoda and wouldn't be without them, or the auto full beam. Was very dubious at first but now trust it. HUD is new to me and wouldn't, now, want to be without it. Speed limit sign recognition is good, if not perfect but, to be fair, I still use the Eyeball Mk 1. The very polite lasy who chastises me with "You are over the speed limit" grates a bit, but I have found that this Prius is far easierto drift over the limit that any other car I've had. Maybe the absence of engine braking? The transmission is a gem, as opposed to the Skoda's DSG device which, latterly, I was really just expecting something very expensive to happen...despite being in warranty. Skoda have a bit of of a rep for blaming DSG clutch failures on the customer. People talking of swapping 17" wheels for 15" will certainly get you better ride, cheaper tyres and much more tolerance of potholes. BUT the V5 will still show the CO2 that the car was originally registered's fixed for life, I'm afraid. Tell your Insurance folk and they'll be fine. Interestingly, the 15" alloys stay cleaner for far longer than any other alloys I've ever had. I also love the fact that I can set the climate control for driver preference or all seats. Satnav ? Faultless. As I say far too often...It's a great car and has more useable toys than Hamleys.