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  1. I cleaned MAF sensor. Changed coolant sensor. Reseted ECU. Throttle body was cleaned last year. Few days ago weather got warmer and was above 0 degrees. Everything was fine.. no rev jumps. As soon as minus degrees.. revs starts to jump. Any ideas?
  2. No I haven't tried taking battery off. Coolant temperature sensor needs reseting too? Guy on Facebook group said this is normal and it does this to warm up faster. But I have this car for 2 years now and I don't recall having this last winter.
  3. Outside temperature went below -1 celsius and my T25 revs started jumping when I started the engine in the morning, its been like this for 3 days now .. every single morning same thing. Everything was fine when weather wasn't this cold. Yesterday I changed coolant temperature sensor but that didn't help. I will attach a video to better understand my problem. Revs only jump after car have been sitting whole night and they are not stable for like 1-3 minutes then they are okey (around ~1,000 rpms) for rest of the day. I can start the car during the day and there won't be any issues. Only the first start in the morning causes these rev jumps. Ohh and I have also changed spark plugs recently. Maybe someone has experienced something similar? video-1574775943.mp4
  4. Yes the cable between the front seats. I had new cable and pretty much whole handbrake replaced last year and that service was quite an expensive one. I'll probably go to my mechanic next week if I can't fix this myself.
  5. I had super weak handbrake on my T25 so I wanted to tighten it up, I did everything right (removed back wheels and adjusted through small hole in brake disc & adjusted handbrake cable to 7 clicks) but still handbrake is no good. Handbrake mechanism is working and pads were good. It holds when I put it in Drive (automatic gearbox) and doesn't roll forwards but as soon as I press gas pedal a bit car starts to roll and handbrake doesn't hold it anymore. Last year when my handbrake was completely rebuilt it was holding even when I was giving it gas. Also my mechanic told me to check handbrake on the gravel - drive slow, lift your foot off the gas pedal and pull the handbrake, if the back wheels lock and car slide everything is right. But mine barely stopped and back wheels didn't lock at all. I hope someone can tell me what I missed here, if not I am just gonna drive to my mechanic. Thanks!
  6. Hey, did you found solution? I have pretty much the same issue on my 2.0 petrol Avensis T25
  7. I use the car pretty much every day and this was the first time I noticed this sound. It's loud enough that I can hear it even when radio is on (low volume). But if it rubs then I should hear the noise even when I gently accelerate? Cause the noise only appears when I quickly push the pedal harder, noise comes up for like 2 seconds. I hope it will be an easy fix and there's nothing wrong with my transmission.
  8. Hello, Today I noticed weird noise coming from Gas Pedal area when accelerating a bit harder. Noise doesn't appear when I gently push the gas pedal. I have Toyota Avensis T25 2.0 petrol Automatic. Any idea what this noise could be? Should I be worried? I filmed a video where you can hear the sound. You can clearly hear at the start when I accelerated, released the pedal then accelerated again few times, then you can hear the noise. Thank you. video-1544009672.mp4