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  1. Hi FROSTYBALLS and thank You for the reply as well. Unfortunately I spend too much money for the car already. As I sad I service it (engine oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Cabin Filter, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs, Front Brake Discs, Front Brake Pads, Rear Brake Pads, Rear Brake Caliper, All three Wiper Blades) and I also bought 2 new tyres with a wheel alignment, as I'm doing that with all of the cars I'm buying, because I can't rely on a dealers statement that the car was just serviced, as they all saying that. This one even has a receipt that is serviced around 5000 miles ago from Toyota dealer, but when I did the service it turns out that the Air and Cabin Filters where not changed the last time (whenever that was). So when I add the sensors the total amount I spend for all repairs is around £900 and I think that even if I return the car to the dealer there is no chance to get those money back and as I can see in ebay a new engine (second hand) will cost me around £300. So I'm thinking to try the ideas that TonyHSD gave me and try those additives and if they don't work as well I will change the engine and hopefully that will be the end of the story. The thing that most makes me angry is that I thought that Toyota is one of the most reliable make for cars, but may be I'm just unlucky. I also have some warranty which I might use to try and repair the engine. I will post the results as soon as I have some. Regards Hristo
  2. Hi driver10. As I sad in the first message I already changed both sensors ( pre Catalyc and after Catalyc) and both sensors I bought from Toyota. I spend around £320 for both and the light is still there:( Anyway thank You for the advice. Regards Hristo
  3. Thank you TonyHSD. I’ll try both additives. For the engine additive I’m always try to avoid it as I don’t like putting additive to the engine, but This time I think I should try it. Thanks
  4. Well its using around 200-300 grams every 250-300 miles.
  5. HI everyone, I just bought Toyota Auris 1,3 Petrol for my wife, but it turns out that the car has some problems. The first one is the check engine code P0420 which is saying “Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)”. My mechanic said it should be one of the O2 sensors and most probably the one after the Catalyc Converter. I bought that sensor from Toyota and he changed it, but after around 40 miles the check engine light was on again. After that I bought the O2 sensor again from Toyota and the same thing happen. After 30-40 miles the check engine light was on again. The second problem is that the car is consuming a lot of engine oil and there is no leakage, no smoke from the exhaust and the car is running perfect. I’ve changed the oil with all filters as soon as I bought the car. First I put 0W20 as recommended from Toyota and now I changed it again with 5w30 to check if there will be any difference. So if anyone can help with the Check Engine problem or the Oil consumption problem I will be really thankfull. Also if anyone knows if there should be done something with the car computer after changing the O2 sensors? Regards Hristo