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  1. Thanks Anthony. Probably go for a Bluetooth-enabled CD player then. Hopefully a simpler solution than the transmitter as I’ve struggled with them before.
  2. Agreed it if were my car but it isn’t so I’m looking for a solution that they’re happy with. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi. My in-laws have recently replaced their Yaris with a newer model and only after purchasing did they discover the absence of a CD player. This is causing some disharmony in the house :-( As they’re not into MP3 players, Bluetooth, etc. can you tell me how I can connect a portable CD player with only a headphone output into the USB port on the car so they can listen to their CDs and return to a happy household? Can I use a USB to 3.5mm jack adapter, for example? Many thanks in anticipation of a happy Christmas :-)