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  1. lefteris eleftheriou

    every morning starting problem

    I will check this tomorrow morning. Little white smoke nothing else when the engine is hot.
  2. lefteris eleftheriou

    every morning starting problem

    no glow plugs problem
  3. lefteris eleftheriou

    every morning starting problem

    hi all.first of all sorry for my english i have one toyota corolla d4d diesel 1.4 l my problems started before 1-2 months when the weather started cold today i try to start the 5:00 the monring the car crank but not start and i try again 11:00 o clock the car crank and after few times started . every morning my car crank but not starting. if the car start after everything is perfect. i have change battery,check the fuel pump, i disconnect the fuel pump filter but the same problem i dont know if any senson from my car make his problem please help me