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  1. Hello members! I need a new headliner for my 2004 Toyota Avensis 1.8 VVT-i sedan automatic. The Toyota part numebr is "63310-05440-B0" ("HEADLINING ASSY, ROOF"), and at my local Toyota dealer its price is 1.238,89 euros. Who can help me to find it at the best price, shipment to Italy included? The best price I found so far is 466,36 euros plus 74,09 for the shipment to Italy, but my order has been canceled due to "supply restricions". Thank you very much in advance to any member that can help me.
  2. - https://en.bildelsbasen.se/?link=list&searchmode=1&vc1=198&pc1=125&vc[0]=198102100&vcx=4573&pc[0]=125103100 - http://www.automatic-gearbox.co.uk/toyota-gearboxes/
  3. Hello folks! How it is possible that I can't find in Europe or in Russia, a Toyota Avensis T25 (2003-2008) painted in white (Toyota color code: 040)? Could it be that such a color was reserved for taxi drivers only and that all the white Avensis T25 taxicabs have been scrapped? In 2004 I ordered my Avensis T25 painted in light gray metallic (Toyota color code: 1C0), but I am absolutely sure (I still have the paper brochure and the PDF brochure) that in the color chart there was also the white. Please explain, thank you.
  4. Hello folks! Please, could someone who works at a Toyota dealership be so kind to give me the part number of the screws that are used to keep in the correct position the air conditioning airmix servo motors in a Toyota Avensis 2nd generation (2003-2008)? I bet that these screws are the same in any other Toyota vehicle that uses these omnipresent servo motors made in Japan by Denso, so they should be readily available. Thank you very much in advance.
  5. Hello members. Believe me or not, my 2004 Toyota Avensis 1.8 VVT-i A/T still looks like new: now it has almost 102,000 miles and, apart from the replacement in June 2017, at 74,750 miles, of the U341E 4 speed automatic transmission, failed due to a sudden leak of the oil seal for front oil pump (Toyota part number 90311-38064), just ordinary maintenance, always at the local Toyotal dealer; 100% genuine replacement parts except for the wiper blades, because the original ones are very old style and bad looking; the ones now in place are very similar to the Bosch Aerotwins ones. Now to my problem: the mode servo of the automatic air conditioning system, the one that drives the air to the windscreen or to the floor or to the faces of the occupants, for example, sometimes emits a cloicking noise, almost always in the "faces + floor" mode and very rarely in the "floor" mode. I know that this problem is caused by the grease inside the servo, which after years of use gets contaminated by the graphite particles contained in the tracks used to determine the exact position of the servo. I had this clicking noise problem also in the right cold/hot airmix servo, and I solved it by simply removing the airmix servo, carefully opening it and thoroughly removing all the grease inside, then reinstalling it; very easy job, just 2 screwdrivers needed. Now I want to do the same thing with the climate control mode servo, but it seems much more difficult to remove, because on the right of the servo, which is secured with 3 screws, there is the blower motor assembly, a very big piece of machinery; the fact is that two of the three screws can be unscrewed very easily by the front, but the third screw in hidden by the blower motor assembly. My questions are the folllowing: 1) can the blower motor assembly be taken out independently of the core unit containing for example the evaporator? 2) there is a way to unscrew the third and hidden screw without removing the blower motor assembly? 3) are there some members that successfully removed the mode servo of the automatic air conditioning system in a Toyota Avensis? By the way, this servo should be the very same servo used in the contemporary Toyota Corolla, the top-selling passenger car in the world. You can find an official Toyota scheme here: https://toyota-europe.epc-data.com/avensis/zzt251/3942/electric/8714/?frame_no=SB1BR56L40E101563HTTPWWWTOYODIYCOMPARTSGE200411TOYOTAAVENSISZZT251LAEPEKWHTML&full In this scheme, the part that I want to remove is called ""87106J". Obviously, I already searched in the forum for a pertinent topic, but without luck. Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Hello. Does anyone know which Toyota Avensis III engines are equipped with balance shafts? Thank you in advance.
  7. - http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2008/10/2009-...res-photos.html - http://www.autoblog.com/2008/10/03/paris-2008-toyota-avensis
  8. - http://www.autoblog.it/galleria/parigi-liv...lo-stand-toyota
  9. That light source is there just to gently enlighten at night the central console: this Audi-like feature is optional on most Audi models, for example.
  10. I am glad to inform you that after reading the following internet site, I am no longer distrustful of CVT transmissions (but only if they are coupled with an hydraulic torque converter, in my humble opinion the only conceivable system for perfectly pulling away a vehicle): - http://www.cvt.bosch.com So, a Toyota Avensis III 1.8 Multidrive sedan would be my choice!
  11. Toyota Motor Oil Api SL Sae 5W-30 (4 liters: 08880-81015 - 20 liters: 08880-81013). Alberto.
  12. Toyota Avensis III: - 1.6i Valvetronic 132 CV 6v - 1.8i Valvetronic 147 CV 6v - 1.8i Valvetronic 147 CV Multidrive - 2.0i Valvetronic 152 CV 6v - 2.0i Valvetronic 152 CV Multidrive - 2.0 D4D 126 CV 6v - 2.2 D4D 150 CV 6v - 2.2 D4D CAT Aut. 150 CV - 2.2 D4D CAT 177 CV 6v - http://es.autoblog.com/2008/09/02/desvelad...-toyota-avensis
  13. - http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2008/09/2009-...-wagon-new.html Note that on this D-4D Avensis the automatic transmission lever is not a M-MT automated manual transmission type (P-R-N-D-S-±, not R-N-E-M-±). Moreover, behind the steering wheel there are paddles and in the automatic transmission lever area there is a "SPORT" button.
  14. Automatic transmission issue: 100% normal, torque converter lock-up clutch locking itself at about 75 km/h: - http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...st&p=267792 Motor oil consumption issue: it looks normal, as on my Avensis II owner's manual the maximum motor oil consumption is 1 liter every 1000 km.
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