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  1. Hi All Many thanks for the kind welcome. Although this is my daughters first Toyota and indeed her very first car, I am a long time fan of Toyota and rather sadly a dedicated Petrolhead. My Toyota ownership has seen me previously own three Toyota Celica GT4 Turbo's all of which were Limited Edition Homologation cars. Sadly all are lonf since sold on to new owners. I am also a Mercedes fan and owner and currently have a fully restored Mercedes 300TE - 4-Matic 7 Seat Estate that is 32 years old and recently completed a full restoration. I also have a C55 AMG Estate which is a rare but much newer car and appeals to my youthful side ;^) My attraction to helping my daughter choose a Toyota was based on my previous experience with their legendary mechanical reliability. I hope not to be disappointed? So far the Aygo is proving to be a great fun car and I have to admit to being rather jealous of her purchase. It suits the Black & Red paint on Black Alloy Wheels and the Semi_Automatic Gearbox is surprisingly nice to use with such a small engine. A few teething problems around the rather disappointing SatNav have us both wishing we had read up on that before purchase. It is a disappointment. For a few pounds more, Toyota could have rounded off the deal by installing a more complete package that has a visible clock and working Time Of Arrival. Instead they have opted for a system that immediately has people asking, where is the clock? IF I can be of help with any questions, please ask away, I shall try my best. Have fun. Bruce
  2. Hi I'm Bruce and live in rural Kent, in the UK. My daughter just bought a nice Aygo -Express - Black with Red Accents and a Semi-Automatic Gear Box. We have had a couple of issues with the car, the most disappointing of which has been the Toyota Installed Sat Nav System that arrived with the Maps Reading completely upside down. Slightly frustrating as I told our dealer that I suspected that the cables from the reverse switch on the gearbox were most likely crossed over. They didn't seem to like me telling them this and said it was very unlikely. Well it was that. Apart from that we really like the car which looks lovely and actualy performs better than I expected and was told it would.
  3. Apologies for the poor spelling on my previous post (typed on an iphone whilst being driven around). Anyway to resolve any confusion. It appears that the two wires being discussed can be very easily plugged back to front. This means that in effect the Sat Nav believes the car is permanently in reverse. It also then causes the maps to be inverted left over right so a town on your physical right, now appears on the map as being on your left, but all the text remains correct (ie it does not reverse the text fonts). It literally is a five minute fix to unplug and correctly swap over/install these two cables into their proper connectors. Good luck.
  4. If anybody else has the "upside down" maps problem? On my Ayg0 t was he two cables that plug into the nav head unit that were transposed (swapped over at install time). Once discovered it was a two minute fix to swap the wires back.
  5. Alex Guess what? The exact same solution. There are two leads/plugs that go to the head unit. These were incorrectly fitted from install/manufacture. It took ten minutes to find the issue after months of talking about it. Thank you you for your reply.
  6. Folks Do you have any thoughts on this? Toyota seem stumped and are tslking about incorrect wiring or a possible hardware swap out. I’m not entirely convinced by either suggestion. Clearly it was working so that suggests the wiring is okay. We reflash the software with no difference. Frd up now. This was a new car for my daughter. Any clues? Bruce
  7. Did you ever get this sorted? I have the identical issue and cannot find a solution. Thank you bruce