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  1. Just to follow up on this, the later 2004 on Verso box does fit, I took a chance when a breaker came up, and changed the box to the later one. All bolts up, couple of minor differences, but nothing much at all. Bellhousing and all mount points identical etc. Drives spot on again.
  2. Hi guys, New on here, not actually a Verso owner myself, though I have somehow managed to end up taking charge of fixing my mum's one. Had a thorough search online but details seem hard to come by. Basically my mum has a 2002 Corolla Verso 1.8 (1zz fe) 5 speed manual. Gearbox has gone, like properly gone. Crunchy, nasty, internals sound complete toast to me. Reverse is an absolute pig to get in, even with engine off. So I'm looking at fitting a new box for her, but spent all my time on cars with MX-5s so no knowledge of these. I've seen a gearbox for a 2004-2007 Corolla Verso, also 1zz engine like hers. Do these fit? It looks the same bellhousing to me but do the later models have any difference to them at all? I believe her one is the C52 gearbox? Thanks in advance for any info at all!