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  1. Purchased some new high power LED front headlights for the rav4. They are abit of a squeeze to get in and you have to keep the rubber boot off but the difference in colour and brightness is immediate. Love them. They took around 5 days to arrive and were £25. best money spent. Here is the ebay link. Merry Christmas https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223789698444
  2. take a scientfic approach and look at the fuel trim data on startup to see what might be the problem and figure it out with data. Guessing parts and starting sporadically will just cause you a headache as the part you replace may not be implicated in the problem you have.
  3. Tbh, the clutch is easy af to replace. Just buy a clutch from ebay and drop the gearbox and put it in. It really isnt difficult in the slightest and will save you at least £700+
  4. So i have replaced my rust fuel filler neck as mostly everyone has 😛 I have just bought a new fuel tank as the last one has a leak and lots of rust. Ive noticed that there isnt a fuel tank pressure sensor in sight and wondered what measures are in place to avoid fuel tank over pressurization. typically cars have a pressure sensor which in case of over pressure, it opens the purge valve. The rav4 has a purge valve but only activates when the car is running. Anybody know anything about this?
  5. Does anybody know the Toyota Tranmission Speed Sensor Manufacturer? I Require a new speedometer sensor and i dont wish to pay the dealership part costs and would rather go with the OEM directly. The chiniese speed sensor dies after two days use.
  6. update. ive confirmed my findings. it is indeed the speed sensor. i have tested a new one and it works fine when turned manually with key on engine off. hope this helps someone else with a similar issue.
  7. Another update... it doesnt look like the cluster is the problem. I plugged the sensor in and manually span and no speedo movement i tapped the signal wire to ground and nothing happend. i turned the sensor slightly until it read 12v and THEN tapped the signal wire to ground and then the needle moved on the speedo. I can see that the meter readings actually read 12v - 3.6v -12v etc so it doesnt actually go to 0V which may be the problem, it looks like the sensor is outputting a bias voltage of 3.6v and then a square wave of 12v to 3.6v which isnt low enough for the op amp
  8. update, still not fixed... I have purchased a new abs ring and fitted it, the wheel sensor works and the abs light does not come on so problem fixed there.... however, this is an independent problem to the speedometer not working. i have taken the speed sensor out and tested it and it cycles between 12v and 0v as it should. When it is plugged into the cars harness i see 12v at the sensor & signal wire however when spinning it manually; it doesnt change to 0v which says to me the problem is the grounding in the circuit.... i have probed pins A4 and A6 on the instrument
  9. Following my diagnosis; I took the ABS sensor out to test it when saw that it was very dirty. on further inspection the tone ring was loose and had cracked so ive ordered a new one. i'm still not entirely certain at this point this will fix the speedometer as it surely cant be the case that the car needs all 4 sensors working to determine speed as 3 of them were working. When i replace this reluctor ring, ill test to see if it fixes the speedo. if not, ill have to test continuity to the back of the cluster from the VSS on the engine block which i know wont be fun since the wires are all
  10. So i have connected the FL speed sensor to the FR speed sensor harness. I spun the left wheel and got a reading on the right wheel which is good. it means the wiring the the ECU is good. 3 of the wheel sensors work, i take it if even a single sensor is down the speedo goes down? Also there is a VSS on the back of the engine... so all 5 sensors need to be working for the speedo to work? 20181229_212557.mp4
  11. Thanks for your reply however, the connector block i have in my 2003 swb rav4 doesnt look like that. I did take the connector blocks out in the drivers side foot well and checked them. They looked fine. I received the techstream device today and found the following two codes. I have also uploaded a video of the car moving with the right wheel sensor not providing any data. (this could be a wiring problem or a speed sensor problem) although it would be nice to know where the connector block is for the sensor inside the drivers compartment so i can run a continuity test from t
  12. Using the website below, i have found the SST DTC codes. 31 refers to right front wheel speed sensor is malfunctioning. while 35 refers to an open in either the left front or right rear. When i have some daylight, ill diagnose this further and update you guys.
  13. Update, i have an ABS light. Using the SST check wire. i have two codes. 31 & 35. does anybody have a DTC chart for SST?
  14. Hey :] My Speedo is dead: pin 1 on the VSS connector reads 12v. pin 2 is connected to ground. pin 3 reads 9v (signal wire) I have connected a simple OBD II scanner to the car and selected VSS and graphed it to see if i get any change when quickly tapping 12v to the signal wire when jumping the two wires however, the obd scanner reads 0. considering the continuity to ground is good at the connector and the power to the connector is good and simulating the sensor by jumping the power pin to it repeatedly i can summize that the problem lies between the sig
  15. Thanks, for the time being ill leave the car in the state that it is in and order a tech stream. Thanks :]
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