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  1. Hello mate, nice and shiny Yari there! What part of MK are you from??
  2. Felt compelled to post something as no one else has done so yet lol What sort of things are you looking for do ya know?? Most people just do the standard stuff really like exhaust, alloys, suspension lowering, sound system etc. Just depends on how crazy you wanna go really and how much moolah you have got to spend! There a couple of examples on these boards though of cars which have had some mental things done to them, there was one with wide arch kit, lambo doors and all that. It wasnt the nicest example and got a bit of a slating on here but the guy had to have some credit for being that daring! I can't remember whos car it was but probably worth a search
  3. Rugby is a joke!! I live in Milton keynes and work in Rugby and its about 4/5pence in difference between the two!! Its only 40 odd miles up the road as well, makes no sense!
  4. Not wanting to sound silly, but are you sure it was petrol that you filled up with??
  5. No way!! If thats genuine, his parents can't of wanted him that much!!!
  6. Great upgrade mate, good to see you stuck with the colour as well!!
  7. Some brilliant vids there buddy, great work! The little Yari looked to be going really too! Some quality cars going onto the track as well, a proper old skool Beemer and an old clapped old Sierra estate, fantastic!
  8. Deffo not a fan mate, they look ming! sorry!
  9. Not a huge fan of the MR2 but that one looks pretty hot mate! Massive step up for ya and the extra power must feel quality!! Hope you enjoy it fella!
  10. Thanks for all the advice, problem has now been solved!!!
  11. I had my passenger front wheel off yesterday and when putting it back on I've managed to snap one of the bolts that holds the wheel on! Just wondering if anyone else has managed to do this and the part I need to replace it?? It's a 53 plate T-sport. Thanks!
  12. Could this thread possibly be moved from here into the main general section for a bit more exposure?! Currently theres only 7 peeps in the league which makes it far too easy for me to win lol!.... :D
  13. I had a Koni suspension kit on my 1.3 few years ago and made it sit a little better and the ride was a bit more stiff but nothing compared to the Tein coily kit I had after, was so much better! It was a bit odd as well as the front springs sat the right height 35mm lower and the rears just 30mm.
  14. Yeah I've also noticed that recently, well for a few months now. Seems like a few of the old seasoned pro's have pretty much vanished all together....
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