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  1. hi all, I have a 2009 2.2 d4d 140. Ive noticed the outer edge of the passenger side front tyre has worn anout 2-3mm lower than the other tyres. Pressures checked 2 weekly, and wheel alignment has been done. Car has done 102000 miles. Front springs are ok. Is it likely that worn shocks could cause this or is there anything else to try? Cheers
  2. What a shame, if you filled the filter etc and put it on you should have been OK. The priming is not as easy as said, mine definately would not prime. Runs fine now, just have to make sure I don't run out if fuel i suppose!
  3. Hi all I did the fuel filter on the car today after oil and filter and coolant change in last 2 weeks . 101200 miles. Would like to say a big thanks to anchorman for his brilliant video. The change went well but I could not prime the filter for love or money. I see on the forum that this can be an issue. In the end I filled the filter and injected the ports and it started and is now OK. I suppose the diaphragm could be gone, however button is now stiff as it were. Anyway glad it's all done. Thanks to the forum. Anchorman perhaps I used my bad arm/left hand too much? It was a bit of a nightmare but all OK. We live and learn!
  4. Hi I've done that and got over 5 litres out, so happy enough, plus liquid looked good,no rust etc. The engine block drain usually doesn't yield much , I cant lie under that car any more so it will have to do. !!!
  5. Well any coolant left in block is staying there. I cannot find the port,and if it's manifold side then no chance getting to it with no ramp!
  6. Thanks anyway but I could not find it. My manifold is to rear of engine so no way I can get to anything there as have no ramp. Any left in the block will have to stay there.
  7. Brilliant thanks, so.its basically midway down from the oil filler cap by the look of the diagram. Thanks again
  8. Hi guys I've posted in rav 4 forum with no joy,but I presume engines are the same. I have a 2008 d4d 2ad ftv engine on a rav 4. I Have drained a lot of coolant from radiator but i cannot find the engine block drain plug. Its driving me mad. Im no novice to replacing radiators etc etc but not on this engine. Any help would be much appreciated. I have undertray off and have been under it for hours but cannot find it. Does it even have one? Thanks Matt
  9. Does anyone have any info re this,I've drained the radiator but cannot find the block drain and can find nothing internet wide. Would be a great help Thanks
  10. Hi,all could anyone please just confirm to me where the engine block coolant drain plug on the 2008 2.2 d4d 140bhp model is. I think it's near the side of the oil sump but not 100 percent. Any pointers would be a great help,thanks again
  11. Hi, all my 2010 2.2 d4d makes a rattle clanking noise only when travelling slowly in first gear and clutch is depressed. Car has done 69000. Drives perfectly in all gears and no issues. If for instance I'm in first gear in stop start traffic and press clutch I get the noise. I'm lead to believe it's not an uncommon issue and there was possibly a tsb about it. Any thoughts ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers
  12. My gf bought the car. In beautiful condition. No mess of any kind under oil filler, brakes new and not warped. Its a 2009 2.2 d4d xtr, from a dealer I've used lots over last 20years. They gave me full 12 month warranty. Will extend after that.
  13. Brilliant, thanks for your time.i need to check if it was one of the ones with the head gasket problem etc that Toyota offered rebuilds on too.
  14. The one I'm looking at has done 86000. Its very nice , will check it out.
  15. Brilliant, thanks for your time.i need to check if it was one of the ones with the head gasket problem etc that Toyota offered rebuilds on too.